Thursday, December 31, 2009

We drove over the mountain area of Femund national park, and in what we call the blue hour. This was taken between two lakes called Isterfossen, the water flowes more here so it doesn't freeze up.

The fog is ice fog from the water, the atmosphere was truely magical.

As you can see it was pretty cold where we stopped. The shoes make funny squeeking noices when you walk outside.

I wish you all a happy celebration tonight, and all the best for the year to come.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We are on the way up to Frode's brother, about 120km from where we are staying.

I need to pee but after taking a look at the thermometer I changed my mind! I belive I may experience under -30 degrees celcius today.:-D

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The cat thinks it is a table ornament! Lol!:-)

We have had a wonderful Yule in Trysil this year. It's a white and cold one though, today we have - 18 degrees celcius!:-D

The small birds are feeding off the bird feeder. I like watching them in the morning when I have my coffee.:-)

Are you all having a good holiday?:-)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas swap

I got this wonderful swap from a Scotich friend, through NFS group! So much yummy!:-)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Legend of the Seeker TV serie - based upon Sword of truth.

Caron Vinson Fairy.

True Blood TV serie - Vampire Eric

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A tribute to the condors

They may not be as pretty as parots or paradice birds, but they are very graceful and much needed on the planet.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Playing with ... application! Haha, which look is the best? And the worst?

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pinnekjøtt (Salted lamb ribs)

I'm coocking Pinnekjøtt for the first time! :oD It is super easy really, but I usually eat it in December and it is made by my mom or my mom-in-law. ;o)

Yesterday as we were shopping in dinner and grosseries we saw that they sell Pinnekjøtt. So we decided to begin Christmas a little earlier this year. ;o)

Traditionally Pinnekjøtt is huge on Christmas Eve in the western parts of Norway. Here in the Estern parts we eat roasted pork ribbs instead. I grew up with pork ribbs, sausages and mom's medisterkaker, but when I tasted pinnekjøtt I fell IN LOVE! It is sooooo tasty!

All you need is salted lamb ribs. (500grams per person). You lay them in a bath for 24 hours so they get watered out properly, because they are really salty...

Then you put some birch sticks (or bought sticks) in the bottom of a kettle. Fill water so it covers the sticks, then place the meat on top. Let it boil on low heat for about 3 hours. (Until the meat loosens easily from the bones).

Serve boiled potatoes and mushed rutabaga.


(If you are interested in other foreign food you really should go visit this page: )

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ellen could need some help from you.

Through my pen pal in the US I got this e-mail about a woman researching pen paling. I wrote an e-mail to her and I got a questionaire that I needed to answer on my computer, and send back to her.

If you would like to participate you can write to her at this address:

"My name is Ellen, I’m 36 and from Belgium. I’m a sociologist and anthropologist. At the moment I am trying to obtain a PhD degree. Therefor I would like to research penpalling. I chose this topic first of all as it is something which not a lot of research has been done about yet and secondly because I am into penpalling myself."

I think it is a very interesting topic and I am glad I am one of the 500 that she can give her exam/ report on. :o)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Father's day card

Tomorrow is Father's Day in Norway. I made this card for my dad. It says 'for dad'. I like the picture as it reminds him of my birth ( I hope). ;o)

Friday, November 6, 2009

My very first HOMER!

Through any FB group I've been a member of! :oD

This is made through Neat_FB_Swappers in 2007 - Christmas Marathon themed. The singers are Stephanie - USA, Joy - Hawaii, Sarah - USA, Kristy - Hawaii, Jean - USA, Diane - USA, Maria - USA, Chikako - Japan, Manfred - Germany, Stefanie - Germany and Ute - Germany.

Big thanks to Ruta in Lithuania for returning it. :oD

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Please give me pain!

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Please read this!

Something has gone wrong with my other blog Ravengirls Holdout!! :oS

not enter that site anymore. I cannot open the site to erase i,t so I have to send out a warning to you not to enter. Just erase it from your blog, if you have it linked.

Google gave me a warning that the site contains something from a website they rate as very suspicious. Read what they say
here if you want to. I have downloaded some pictures of some bands and a blog background, maybe it is from that site, I don't know.

I will not post anything there anymore.

Scrapbooking at the trade fair!

November 6 - 8 there will be a scrapbooking exhibition on the trade fair in Lillestrøm, the town next to this! I HAVE to go! :oD Frode will be outa town so I am alone this weekend! Come to think of it... maybe I really shouldn't watch that movie tonight...

If I get the same reactions I got from The Ring I will be in deep trouble staying home alone for the entire weekend! :oO It took me TWO WEEKS to get "normal" again. I had to wake my ex up if I needed to go to the bathroom during the night. I was very scared passing the TV...

Anyhoo, take a look at this blog. I know it's in Norwegian (unfortunatly), but on the left side there is a list with the shops that are holding a stand at the exhibition. Many nice ones indeed! Some of the shops even have translation to English. :o)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Recomended for Halloween!

I truelly recomend this movie for Halloween! It is said to be very scary (and I got first hand sources here), so do not watch this if you are alone, at a dark and remote place, belive in ghosts or are faint hearted. :oD

Do you dare watch the trailer...?:

Paranormal Activity - Trailer - HHHQ - In Theaters: September 25 - Click here for the most popular videos

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Award time!!!

Hi Girls!! Today I decided to make an award and give it to 5 of the most inventive blogs out there.

Come and claim your price:
- Laura
- Marga
- Johanna
- Jacquline
- Laila

You all have blogs which I really enjoy reading, and inspire me very much. :o)

You have to give this award to 5 blogs that you think deserve this price. Post a coment on their site and let them know they are winners. The winners can place this award on their blogs, and link your blog to them. Remember to link theirs to yours as well.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

We are preparing for X-mas

We have just cut down a pine tree and will raise it in front of the house in Trysil. It will serve as a X-mas tree and a bird tree by the bird feeder.:-)

You see my fiance in the middle, his brother in the left and their mother.:-)

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Winter is coming

I'm at my in-laws for the weekend, and they've already got snow! Not much left after today though.;-)

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Do YOU belive in ghosts...?

Hi people

I have been a little busy lately, again. It's a pitty what the society have made of us, no time for fun anymore. Well, almost no time. ;o)

Today Frode and I are meting a couple we are friends with. Heidi is my childhood friend, and she is now enganged to get married too. Unfortunatly we don't see each other that often, as we don't live next door anymore.

We will meet them at this really nice restaurant in the oldest part of Oslo city. That town square was used as an execution place in the old days, and they say that many of the buildings there are haunted. I don't know about this restaurant, but there is another restaurant that lays in the old dungeon cellar... And the café next to the restaurant lays in the old hospital, and they say that the fireplace there hosts a spirit.

I am fascinated by the spirit world, and I truely belive there is more on earth than we know of. Not vampires, pixies or werewolves, but spirits. I do not have the ability to see ghosts myself, but I did have two strange sights in my summer vacation this year...

When we were at the cabin, I often sat at the table in between the kitchen and the living room. Two times I saw this small cloud of mist/ smoke that drifted by the doorway into the kitchen. I didn't just see it a small second, but maybe a full 3 seconds and in full view! I wasn't scared, but I felt like I knew we had a visitor. So I asked Frode one night if he knew if the cabin is haunted...

He said that it sure is. It is a rather creepy story, he said. I said okay, just don't tell me the story, because my imagination is rather vivid. I told him what I had seen and he was a little creaped out too. ;o) But we decided to ignore the fact as long as the spirit didn't exactly bug us or show itself for us in any other ways.

The strange thing is that I only saw the misty cloudlike shadow those two times, before we had that talk. Maybe someone just wanted to tell me that he or she is there?

We do have a ghost in our storage area at work though, and one girl I've known for 5 years told me that she and a guy was working until 7pm one night, because a truck had just come in. She was unpacking and suddenly she saw a head peak out from the concrete wall! She froze up and the guy looked up at her, and found her face white as a sheet.

He said: "you are seing the ghost now, are you?" and she had nodded. Then it was gone like in a second. She didn't see any eyes, but she could see that it was a dark shape, with short hair and that it was a man. Now we have named the ghost Jan. They are trying to figure out why he is there, and why he never shows himself during the daytime.

Also three other girls have seen him during their years there. They are not freaking out, but none of them want to work alone after 4pm. :o)
Does anyone have a ghost story to tell? I mean a self experienced or heard by someone you know quiet well.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

These kids need you

A friend of mine tiped me of this web page where you make a difference in a childs life. These children are very sick and they like getting letters and postcards. We like writing and crafting, and we can put smiles on these kids faces. Make their days more fun while they have to wait for their destiny.

Here, take a tour on the page and give these kids a smile.

Post Pals - Putting a Smile on Childrens Faces

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dark Fantasy

At the moment I am reading a new book serie by Karen Chance. I saw this cover at the book store I'm fond of, and it stole my interest. After seing it in the shelf twice, I decided to read this one after the big Sword of Truth serie.

The sword of Truth has come to and end now, and I still miss all my friends from the book... I feel like that when I stop reading books that touches my soul... Sad, alone and like I lost friends in an accident or something. I grief for days, even weeks.

Anyway, I'm half way through this one now, and I still have some trouble following, as it started a little right in the middle of action. It is an urban fantasy book, where there are vampires, werewolves, satyrs and pixies. And of course ghosts, as Cassandra Palmer (the main character) is clearvoiant.

She sees and talks to ghosts, and her best friend is a ghost named Billy Joe. He came with an old necklace she bought at a pawn shop. Another ghost she talks to is Portia, but she always nags on and on about how awful it is that she's dead, etc, etc.

Now she's in deep shit as a vampire mafioso is after her, so she finds herself at the vampire senate and will get help from one of the strongest leaders there. But for what price...? I still don't know what price. ;o)

I love the fact that my dear Frode also loves reading books. Pretty rare for men to be into books, at least the non nerdy types. ;o) Now he is reading the last 20 pages of a 650 paged book he bought only a week ago! :oD Fantastic. He was like a kid at Christmas when we saw it at the book store, and he started reading it emediatly when we arrived at home.

Tell me what you like to read. Do you have any recommendation for us? :o)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

More FBs I made last weekend.

Sarah Kay FBs through a groups swap. (HQC)

Mermaid FBs through a group swap (HQC).