Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This is the type of dog that I have fell in love with. A big and confident dog that is calm, animal loving, people loving and can handle a nudge.
Boerboel belongs to the Molosser dog group and it's origin is from South Africa. It is a guard dog and was used (is still in use) for guarding farms, animals and may have been used to hunt lions acoringly to the history.

It is suitable to have even though you have other animals. Are they cute togheter or what?

And they come in various colors, like brown, light brown, tiger striped, spots....

And even in this grey variation. Looks really nice with a light snout and dark mask around it's eyes instead.
*I will never tell!* (enlarge this image and look closer at his lips!)
Boerboel and a Rottweiler. It is rare to see them with a white bliss, the Rottweilers, but it appears sometimes as it had to be bred with Berned Sennen to keep them in good condition to further breeding. I also like Rottweilers, and I am also considering this breed, but I think they can be a little challange in the summer because of their black fur. They become over heated fast, and I have to rely on them in the forest carrying equipment and such.

Boerboels come in two types of snouts, the boxer type which is a little "crushed" inwardly, and the more regular one. I prefer the regular one, also because there can be more problems with the airways of a "crushed" type.
Many peope won't have dogs because they drool. That is partially right and partially wrong. Dogs comes with different types of palates, one is wet and one is dry. The wet palates causes drooling all the time, like St. Bernhard dogs. The try palates won't droole if is isn't sweating, stressed or has just had food. But not much drooling then either.:o)
They are quiet big dogs, just look at this one.
males 25-28 inches (64-70 cm.), female 23-25.5 inches (59-65 cm.). Weight: 154-200 pounds (70 and 90 kg).
This is my fave pic of a Boerboel. This one is as cutiepie and look how sorry it looks! LOL! But it allows the child to be inside it's little den (cage) and that speaks a lot. That is their territory and home, and dogs are dogs no matter what breed. They always protects their territory and their food. So this picture shows that they are pretty sweet dogs even though their size and scary looks.:o)
This is what I know about the breed from reading different Kennel's description of dogs, and from hearing it from one aquaintance that knows of a girl that owns one.
Boerboels are rare in Norway, and I have not seen one live yet. They are not even listed as a pure breed here, and came to Norway in 1999 for the first time.
If any of you know of any Boerboels or anybody that owns one, please feel free to tell me more about them. I very much like to hear more from people with experince.:o)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Enya and Deep Forest - Sweet Lullaby

This is one of my very favorite songs from the 90's. Enjoy the tones from the Deep forest.:o)

I have a dead screen on my computer again, so it is at the repair shop. Hopefully it won't take a whole month this time, as it is the same fault as the last time. In the meantime I cannot post any photos because they are on my computer, and now I have to work at Frode's laptop...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Easter

Our trip started at my parent's caravan. We got up there and got a sightseeing round inside the caravan. It's really nice! Miss the caravan vacations I used to have as a kid. Maybe we'll end up getting a caravan later too, but now we can't afford it... We grilled some hot dogs and porkchops, and ate my mum's great potato salad. Yum!!:o) In the afternoon we used about 2 hours I belive, to put up the lavvo tent in the snow. It was still 50cm of rotten, wet snow that we fell through everytime we tried walking one step! But we stamped it down with our feet and made it hard enough so we could put the tent up. It wasn't exactly a perfect model of the lavvo, so I didn't take any photo of it. But here's an older photo of the same lavvo in the summer. It's me in the front and Jørn's head in the opening.LOL!

Then we headed up to Sølen where my in-laws cabin is.:o) It's actually my mum-in-law's old childhood home that they have redone into a nice cabin. It is really cousy. They have electricity and water, plus a toilet and a shower.:o) We had one day of sun which we used outdoors all day long. In the afternoon we ate a very tasty pork dinner and played Yatzi and Texas Hold'em. That's Easter for me.:o) Well, maybe not Texas Hold'em as I learnt it this Easter, but Yatzi really is.:o)

From the old days there is an outdoor toilet as well. You can choose if you want to use the comfortble one indoor or this one. I dare anyone to try this one one icy winter night with northern wind and -20 degrees celcius!! We are vikings, no doubt about that. Lol!

Trolls are very Norwegian I belive. All our fairytales have trolls in them, well almost every one of them. This is a rather big troll from Tynset. It makes the cabin a little fairytale-ish, a magic place. The fireplace is full of smaller ones too.:o)

The cabin is situated about 700 m above the sea level and you can see the mountains in the background. The first is taken on that one sunny day after we arrived, and the other one later at night at sun down. :o) Makes me long for the wilderness the mountain gives. I look forward to the summer months so we can camp out more.:o)
Skibladner is the name of this paddle steamer, and it lays in Norway's biggest lake Mjøsa. It is also the oldest Steemship that still runs it's rout! :o) It was built in 1856, and has been stored twice till this day. (You can tread more about it here.)
In the town Gjøvik, where Skibladner is, you have this very nice train station. I like it very much and it is the nicest one I know of in Norway. It was opened in 1902.:o)
I will post more pictures from the day we had in Trysil too. Jørn's wild snowmobile ride in his shorts! Lol!:o)

Monday, April 6, 2009

5 New ones

Fantasy FB

Fantasy FB2

Nature FB

Norwegian Forest Cat FB

Legend of the Seeker FB

Got a job!

My dear Frode, who's been unemployed for the past 13 months, has finally got a new job!!! This is really great news for us. Living only on my income has been challange, I tell you that, but now we can have small joys again that we couldn't aford just a week ago.:o) This Easter will be great indeed. Today I am going crazy shopping! LOL! No seriously, I need to save the money I can to pay for our possible upcoming WEDDING... :oD It's not 100% sure if we'll have it this year, but it will be perfect as I want the date to be October 31st. What a coinsidence that it is on a Saturday this year. ;o) It will be some years till next time that happens.
Now I just cross my fingers that Frode's new boss will be pleased with his work so he can stay there.:o)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kaukasian Ovcharka

This looks like a cute dog or what? It is a cute dog, but this is the nightmare of all breeds of dogs. Ovcharka is a cattle dog with very high guardian instict. They protect the herd from wolves and bears so they are extreemely tough as a breed. That is what makes them such dangerous dogs to have.

The problem with these dogs are that they do not obey they owners in ANY WAY! It is completely ignorant from taking orders from any human being at all! I am not joking in this. It decides if it wants to run away, guard places, attack you etc completely by itself. And nothing stands in their way.
A very suspicious type of breed too, it takes a lot less for these dogs to attack than for a Pit Bull to do the same. If I would choose which race I would be attacked by, I would choose Pit Bull, as they at least are 20kg and not 70kg of raw force.
I don't think we have any of these in Norway, but in Sweden there are quiet some. I have just seen a documentary on a Swedish chanel on TV, and they are a huge problem for the environment. Imagine meting a dog walking with his owner and it decides that you are a threat to them...


Madcon is a Norwegian band that gives me very happy feeling. I want to dance! LOL! Beggin is my favorite, if you want to listen to it and watch the video; here it is.:o) Very alround music, but with a soul.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Birdie taking a bath

There is no sound on this video as my photo camera doesn't support sound.

I was cleaning my aquarium's circulation system when my bird Max discover that it is water the substance pouring out of the tap! He decided that it was time for a bath. Anoying but still, he's a cutie! LOL!

Last weekend

My future husband on his snowmobile!
Isn't he cute?

This is my snowmobile. This was probably the
last time I rode it this season. Something is wrong
with the belt and the snow is melting rapidly these

This cat claims attention when you are busy doing something
else entirely. Like taking away my mouse! I just can't say no
when he is this cute! LOL!

Mr. Pussycat wants to come inside after a quick trip outside.
He jumps up at the kitchen window and looks inside. Please
do let me in, human!

We were at IKEA and found this stuffed mouse.
It's for children under 3 years so I figured that it
would be safe as a cat toy. This was a nice surprice
that the cat enjoyed all weekend we were there.
He is a rather experienced mouse hunter.