Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The cat thinks it is a table ornament! Lol!:-)

We have had a wonderful Yule in Trysil this year. It's a white and cold one though, today we have - 18 degrees celcius!:-D

The small birds are feeding off the bird feeder. I like watching them in the morning when I have my coffee.:-)

Are you all having a good holiday?:-)


Jacqueline Roy said...

What lovely scenery and photos my dear Beate! Hope you're having lovely holidays! That cat is so adorable! And we have you beat here in Quebec with -21 degrees celcius today and very windy. He! He! Happy New year!

Laura said...

I am happy to hear that you had a beautiful Yule celebration. Mine was special as well. And now I am off to bed because in the morning we are climbing some mountains... :) We will spend 3 days in the Carpathians. Happy New Year, sweetheart, and thanks for sharing those lovely pics. I adore the cat!