Saturday, January 29, 2011

The poor seagull

Almost every morning I have seen this poor seagull at the train station in Oslo. It has a limp foot that it uses the tip of. The foot is limp begause it has some tread or something wrapped tightly arond it. =(

It has survived yet another winter so I guess it manages most of it's business, but it won't be swimming very much this one. I just call it my seagull and my seagull as our souls meet every time I see it.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A beautiful day

Yesterday was a sunny and mild day so I figured I wanted to go snowmobiling by myself.

Me with my new helmet that I bought spring time last year. It is super comfortable and fits me better than my old one. =)

Well, after going about 80 km/h on the road I decided to play in the snow, but didn't get far I'm afraid. =P LOL! My snowmobile has short edges on the belt so it can get stuck pretty easily, depending on the cheufeur. I admit that I hesitated a bit which resaultet in me getting stuck.

I had to walk throght the deep snow and back to Frode to get him to help since I can't lift it myself. My goal is to get more muscles so I can lift it, that would be very nice. =)

That evening the sky caught fire over the neighbours house, it was truely amazing and I managed to get it on a picture for once. =)

Finishing the post with a very beautiful song by a Norwegian group called Sirenia:

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A day at the aquarium shop

We went to this aquarium store in Oslo which has very rich variety of fishes. They even have a black tip reef shark which grows up to 180 cm... Who buy that in Norway, really?

I love the sea water fishes, they are truely beautiful, like this blue one. Sorry about the blurryness, but it was my mobile phone camera and the fish wouldn't stand still. LOL!
NEMO!!! =D

This fella looked really funny to me. I am not sure what type it is, maybe a colorful sting ray or something? Maybe any of you know? =)