Saturday, May 30, 2009

Time flies soooo quickly!

It feels like yesterday I was blogging about the good day! It's a bit scary...
I haven't been able to make many new FBs at all, since I have been busy at work. We celebrate 20 years with having all sorts of sales. We are also getting a computer based cash register and I have been to a course. So much info to take in on one day only! Now I have to remember it for two weeks before the cash register is put in place. I hope I will. :o)
Last weekend we went fishing at the lake we use to go to. We stayed over night and it was so nice to sleep outdoors again.:o) I didn't catch any fish really, only a small perch the size of a sardine! LOL! Frode on the other hand caught a throut. :o)
On the 20th of May we had a big party at work to celebrate the day we opened our first shop. I got a bit too drunk and ended up having a terrible night in the bathroom. My stomach still is a bit upset, but at least I have kept my kilos on.:o) That is good.:o)
This weekend summer is really upon us cold Norwegians. I had to work for 4 hours only today as the shop closed at 4pm instead of 6 pm. Talk about luxury! I have been sun bathing for a couple of hours, and am now watching Superman on the telly.:o) (with one eye that is).
How are you all doing? :o)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

What a weekend!

Yesterday we won the Eurovision Song Contest. WOW! That is amazing. I never thought we would win the whole damn thing! LOL! But I am of course very greatful that Norway finally has given a contribution to Europe that really delivered.:o)
I didn't get to see the finals myself as we celebrated our 3 years anniversary at a fine China restaurant in the next town. I had steak as I cannot eat any dish there without becoming very ill, but Frode had a tasty lobster. :o) Both dishes were perfectly cooked/ prepared. Then I had a dessert that was sooooo tasty. Sorbet ice of forest berries and mango. Yummy!
At home we saw Death Race and The Spirit. I didn't like The Spirit that much, but the tomboy I am LOVED Death Race. Hunky men in prison, gorgous girls and fast and crazy cars.;o) My fave movie this year. Looking forward to see Coraline, I think I will love that one too.:o)

Today's Norway's National day. This is how the main street in Oslo seems like right now as I write this. Every single one comes out this day, especially as it is sunny and blue sky today.:o) Foreign or not. Flags are waved and the kids parade the street passed the castle on top of the street.

There the King and Queen together with the crown prince and his crown princess are standing and watching for hours. Waving at every single school class that pass them. I think they'll have a waving injury at the end as there are over 100 schools in Oslo, and every school has many classes! WOW!
On this picture I found you see the castle (a really ugly one) at the top of the street. In front of the picture are men and women dressed in our national clothings bunad. This type of wear represents where in Norway you are from. I have a dress I inherited from my grandma (5 sizes to big still), but I have to buy every accessorice to wear it. It costs a LOT. But I really like the one I have, it is black with very neat croche of flowers on the skirt.:o) Couldn't be more me, and it represents my roots perfectly.:o)

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I have finally decided which new cell phone I like, and I ordered it very cheap through the website of my phone company. On Thursday it finally arrived at the post office and I ran over to pick it up.:o)
WOW! It is waaaaay better than I first thought it was! It has the most amazing phone camera with 5 mpx, really good soom, image stabilisator, autofocus, etc. I wanted a pink phone as I cannot find black phone in either my purse or when I accidently lay it on the black kitchen counter! This pink is metalic pink and really cool.:o)
So far I have browsed through just a little of the phone. I am very curious of what it can do. I know I can take high speed videos and watch DivX movies on it.:o) And it has touch screen! Weeee! I love it! I actually think this is better than iPhone. My coworker has an iPhone and she really loves it, but it has a poor camera and cannot recieve MMS on it...
I payed only € 32,37, not bad at all. :o)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finally some scannings

Vintage Movie Stars

Black & Pink

My Fave Dogs

Baby Girl

All for Her - J. and M. in Finland

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dancing is life

(the show is in Norwegian, and the dance show (semi finals) starts around 1min 12 sec.)

Norway got talent - the newest TV show. This is a group of 4 really good dancers, I have to say that they are Norway's top dancers. Two of them are world champions too.:o) These cute boys in white do Hip Hop and the white guy in black, Breaks. Together they are dynamite!

I miss dancing, it feel soooo great. Like expressing every feeling in your body, and every cell of your body is being so happy.:o) It's not the same as dancing out at a club, but hey, that's great fun too. LOL!

Enjoy this piece of body art.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Black BMW with Polish signs

It's been a while since I've been posting anything now. I still have no screen for my stationary PC and is stuck on this lap top, which is okay, but far from good. I hope to get my screen back next week, but I won't keep my expectations too high, as I belive it will take 1 month to fix it this time as well... Stupid Siba people.:o((

Anyway, I want to share a story which I find a bit funny.:o)
It was Saturday night and my friend had his brother over. His brother lives far away from my friends', and also in the middle of nowhere. Out there in the middle of nowhere they are pretty used to drinking, also home made stuff of the poor kind.;o) My friend ( I call him Michael to keep any info about him out of the web ) and his brother André both had a great time, drinking and talking the hours away. Then in the middle of the night, around 3am they ran out of mixing water for the spirit! He lives in an area with a gas station, and he has about 12 min by foot there. But no, they decided to DRIVE. 12 min are a long time to walk when you are drunk, and it seemed sooo much wiser to drive while drunk.
In Norway we have 0,2 as the limit for being alowed to drive a car, so you cannot have one glass of wine, or a glass of beer for that matter. Drunk drivers are not taken lightly here, and we are blessed with fewer than we may have had without the strict laws.
On the way to the gas station they are suddenly aware of a police car at their tail... Micheal consentrate all he can to drive as normally as possible, considering how much he'd to drink. But the police car follow them all the way to the gas station! Micheal stops the car, but none of them dear leave the car! That seemed a little odd I belive, but the police stops behind them and walks up to their car. Now they have a huge problem, as it probably stinks of alcohol in the vehicle. Micheal knows that they will withdraw his drivers lincence and he is totally in need of it, as he works as a delivery man. What to do?
The police officer knocks on the window and Michael lets the window down 3", trying very hard not to breath in the officers face...
- Have you seen a black BMW with Polish signs around?
- ....
- ....
- A-a black BMW you say? With Polish signs? André shoots in to break the awkward silence. No, can't say we have...
- Okay, the officer says, looking around from where he stood. You have a nice night gentlemen.
Then he walks away.
The boys bought their mixing stuff and hurried home. That was too close for comfort, and I don't think he'll be driving drunk to get mixing water anytime soon. ;o)