Saturday, October 31, 2009

Please read this!

Something has gone wrong with my other blog Ravengirls Holdout!! :oS

not enter that site anymore. I cannot open the site to erase i,t so I have to send out a warning to you not to enter. Just erase it from your blog, if you have it linked.

Google gave me a warning that the site contains something from a website they rate as very suspicious. Read what they say
here if you want to. I have downloaded some pictures of some bands and a blog background, maybe it is from that site, I don't know.

I will not post anything there anymore.


Laura said...

Oh, I am sorry for your other blog, really!

Busy little Bee said...

Thanks dear, I am a little sorry too, although I didn't use it all that much. I am glad it wasn't this blog! :o)