Saturday, September 19, 2009

More FBs I made last weekend.

Sarah Kay FBs through a groups swap. (HQC)

Mermaid FBs through a group swap (HQC).

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Really odd!

Now, I thought that through my years in the penpalling and FB world, I've seen it all. From scary FBs, to creepy letters from grandpa old men wanting to marry me. But what I got in a swap from a swap friend of mine, made my eyes go BIG and my jaw DROP!

The FB you see in the left was the one I got in the swap, the FB on the right is made by Sharon. The girl has made a color copy and made a new FB out of Shaz' FB!!! How rude! She even made it into a booklet, covered it in plastic adhesive and stapled the sheets to the right side!

Coinsidenses made it so I actually remember seing the FB on Shaz's blog, and I did find it there when I scrolled down.

Have you ever come across something like this before? Should I or Shaz, or the group the FB was made through contact the girl you think? I don't think it's right to steal someone's art and take the credit for it. She even wrote "Friendship book for + by (her name)"...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Some new FBs

Donald Duck FBs through group swap (NFS)

All for her FBs through gropu (NFS)

Will post the group swap from High_Quality_Crafts later.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Norwegian mail box

How does your mail box look?

Norwegian mail box' look like this. Here's where I send all my mail out to my groups, and penpals. :o)

It's quiet red and quiet boring actually, but I think it's fun to see what other countrie's mail box' look like.

Do you take the challange and post a picture of your mail box?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

For my wedding

This is the necklace/ accessorize that came with my wedding gown I ordered. I think it's inventive and special and it fits both the dress and me very well. :o)

One problem with this thing is that it has a cross. I don't usually bear a cross if it symbolizes God, since I don't belive in God. So I had to come up with another idea...

My idea was to find something to sew on, and when I was in Røros, in my vacation, I went into a jewlery shop while I was waiting for Frode. (He had to go to the toilette). And there it was! The perfect necklace, just like I was picturing and in the color I wanted! (Frode loves purple)

So when I got home I had to buy some black string and an extra ring so it will face the right way. I got both very cheap and this weekend I had the oppertunity to make it. :o) While I was making it I pictured myself at the wedding... I KNOW! It is so typical girls! Well, I don't wanna rush the poor fella, that doesn't do any good anyway. I will be a patient little girl, wishing for the great day inwardly. ;o) LOL!

Anyway, here is the resault! I had to try it also, so here you can see how it will hang on my chest. :o) The color also came forward in this photo, the other is a little dark.