Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dark Fantasy

At the moment I am reading a new book serie by Karen Chance. I saw this cover at the book store I'm fond of, and it stole my interest. After seing it in the shelf twice, I decided to read this one after the big Sword of Truth serie.

The sword of Truth has come to and end now, and I still miss all my friends from the book... I feel like that when I stop reading books that touches my soul... Sad, alone and like I lost friends in an accident or something. I grief for days, even weeks.

Anyway, I'm half way through this one now, and I still have some trouble following, as it started a little right in the middle of action. It is an urban fantasy book, where there are vampires, werewolves, satyrs and pixies. And of course ghosts, as Cassandra Palmer (the main character) is clearvoiant.

She sees and talks to ghosts, and her best friend is a ghost named Billy Joe. He came with an old necklace she bought at a pawn shop. Another ghost she talks to is Portia, but she always nags on and on about how awful it is that she's dead, etc, etc.

Now she's in deep shit as a vampire mafioso is after her, so she finds herself at the vampire senate and will get help from one of the strongest leaders there. But for what price...? I still don't know what price. ;o)

I love the fact that my dear Frode also loves reading books. Pretty rare for men to be into books, at least the non nerdy types. ;o) Now he is reading the last 20 pages of a 650 paged book he bought only a week ago! :oD Fantastic. He was like a kid at Christmas when we saw it at the book store, and he started reading it emediatly when we arrived at home.

Tell me what you like to read. Do you have any recommendation for us? :o)

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