Sunday, June 28, 2009

Koala Bear FBs

FB for me

FB 1 for swap mate
in NQB

FB 2 for swap mate
in NQB

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My rubber stamps

I really love these paw marks. Makes
them seem a little more real to me. :o)

This is the stamp which Frode bought to me for
X-mas/ Yule. He went singlehanded into the
stamp shop and browsed the endless shelves
until he found this one. I LOVE IT! It is sooo
me! Makes it even more special to know that
he hit it spot on. I kinda like the type of lines
in the bottom part, and am thinking of maybe getting
this butterfly as a tattoo. Maybe inside the one I plan
to take down my left leg, as it is the same lines and would
match perfectly.

This one couldn't be more me. I am a huge fan of bats ever since
my ex boyfriend said, that if you spell
you have my name! And with the lines that I love so much! But where
to tattoo such a piece without it seeming odd or ugly...? Out of place.
I want tattoos to match my body figure and look like pieces
of art, rather than some strange piece of drawing
that seems out of place. So many people have that... :o(

I find these bumblebees very cute. I bought this to stamp
outside envies I send out. :o) A cute detail.

This angel came in a set of 4 rubber stamps that
was on sale. I have sent two of them to a swap
friend in Singapore, and kept two myself. They have
very fine lines instead of the broad ones in the other
stamps I have. Makes it looks all the more neat.:o)
I tried to color one, but it's not that great colored.
It kind of was in a hurry so I could scan and publish it
before I went to work. :o)


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Puppy vs kitty

A cute movie about two good friends. :o)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Simsaly pictures!

She really is adorable, isn't she? I fell in love with her at first sight. ;o) Now I hope to get some pictures of Dimmdann also, another new character in the Diddl gang. (Thanks Johanna for charing). :o) I think he is a bumblebee, if I'm not mistaking. :o)

Friday, June 19, 2009


Hi good people and bloggers.

Finally I am back! Yesterday we went to the repairshop and retrieved a new 22" widescreen for my computer. It "only" took them 2 months!!! Next time I won't go to the shop, but take it to the maker at once. And I will most likely newer shop in that shop again, so they lost a good customer due to all this fuzz.
Anyway. I start off with posting my new Dog FBs through a group swap. My previous ones were lost in the mail :o( so I had to make new ones. Too bad, because I was happy with the the ones I made the first time. But these are nice too. I had three pictures to make them from, as I had no printer. Hope you like the resaults too. :o)

I also came over these collective pictures at ToysRus. I just had to get them! And guess what, I also found out that the maker of Diddl has made a new character! I love it! :oD

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Throw away your Playstation 3 or Nintendo Wii!!!

Check out this new XBox 360 - project Natal!! It is soooo into the future that it actually scares me! I am not joking! Take a look at this video and then se the next I will add. This video really shows the abbilities that lies withing technology, and how much further we can go. Do you say that cars can't hoover? Well, I say they sure do. (They have actually already made cars hoover and with a good resault!)

The next wideo I will add will for sure freak you out if you can grasp the reality of it. It is here already, this is not a movie with just computer effects. It is real. I could not belive my own eyes when I saw this video. My jaw droped and I was making all kinds of funny laughing noises, out of amazement and fright! Hehehe! Take a look and tell me what you think of this. :o)

Friday, June 5, 2009


I have been silent for a while, and one of the reasons is that I got a telephone call from my boss on Wednesday. She asked me if I would be interested in an office job instead of being a shop assisstant, which I've been for 7 years now. I said I was and yesterday already I was at a meeting with them! They offered me the very position I said I would have wanted when another girl got it! They didn't know that of course, so I was very happy. I will get a raise, my own computer and desk, pluss now I work 8am - 4pm. A much better time! Frode is really thrilled and my parents too.:oD
And the best of it?? I get to work normal hours at x-mas!! Well, I will help in the shop as I live nearby and they need extra help. But it will be soooo weird to work there under another boss. The shop kinda feels like my little baby as I was a part of bringing it to it's feet when it almost went under. Now my coworker has said she would apply for it, so we'll see who ends up getting the job. Her or a new one. No matter what, they will get a new employee out there.
More girls are quiting their jobs in the shops these days. One has been accepted into paramedic school. One is pregnant. One has gotten her baby but won't come back most likely. And one girl will probably be accepted into school. So we need something like 4 new people! 2 of them shop managers. This is really a tough situation.

My new job will be handeling our websites outlook. I also will work together with another girl on this part, so I may do some articles for magazines, and help others if they have too much to handle.:o) I have already started a little bit, but my first day of really starting the programs starts on Wednesday next week. They hope I will be able to go into a 100% position in the middle of August. :o)

So early mornings for me. Suddeny I have to leave the house at 6:30 instead of 9:30 (early shifts) or 12:3o (late shifts). The way is a bit long, so I have to walk to the trainstation, then from the trainstation in Oslo to the bus stop my bus goes from. The bus stops at the door where I work. Jey!:oD