Saturday, February 26, 2011

FBs finally!

I finally made some FBs again. I found some gothic pictures that I printed out on photo paper a while ago and got the spirit to make something. =)

Tomorrow I will go sledging with 9 others and some of their kiddies. The forecast predicts light cloudy and sunny, I hope that is true. =)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Made a card

Made a card for my grandmother's birthday. :-)

Today we have been at an open house for sale. I loved it and wish I had the money right now. Guess I need to kick myself in the buttsie and apply for a loan soon.;-)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Some pictures from the weekend in the mountains. On Saturday Frode, Jørn, Lars-Erik ( Frode's two half brothers) and myself went to Sweden. Here we tried Lars' snowmobile on the frozen lake. The weather was nice and sunny, but a little windy. =)

Me after riding the snowmobile. I forgot my driver glasses at home so I had nothing but pilot sunglasses to wear, LOL! Looks like I'm going to drive a MiG instead! =D =D

From the kitchen in the cabin we had this view, the mountain is called Sølen. A mountain that Frode and Jørn have hiked before. It was a painful trip that is glued to their memories. Mountains are nice but walkin on rocky hills isn't my thing so I pass on the next trip Frode wants to do. ;o)

On the way up to the cabin we saw some Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). It's not so common to see this far south in Norway but this was one of those rare occations and it was awsome and very strong as well. =) It came up over this mountain the dark so we could see the profile of the mountain, absolutely amazing.
The lake in the sun.
It looks cold outside doesn't it? Not so much as a hint of spring in that area yet. But it's beautiful though. =) This weekend was also the last in this dog sledge race which is held every year. I saw one sled on the lake which you see on this photo, but I didn't get a good photo as we past them in the car.