Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pinnekjøtt (Salted lamb ribs)

I'm coocking Pinnekjøtt for the first time! :oD It is super easy really, but I usually eat it in December and it is made by my mom or my mom-in-law. ;o)

Yesterday as we were shopping in dinner and grosseries we saw that they sell Pinnekjøtt. So we decided to begin Christmas a little earlier this year. ;o)

Traditionally Pinnekjøtt is huge on Christmas Eve in the western parts of Norway. Here in the Estern parts we eat roasted pork ribbs instead. I grew up with pork ribbs, sausages and mom's medisterkaker, but when I tasted pinnekjøtt I fell IN LOVE! It is sooooo tasty!

All you need is salted lamb ribs. (500grams per person). You lay them in a bath for 24 hours so they get watered out properly, because they are really salty...

Then you put some birch sticks (or bought sticks) in the bottom of a kettle. Fill water so it covers the sticks, then place the meat on top. Let it boil on low heat for about 3 hours. (Until the meat loosens easily from the bones).

Serve boiled potatoes and mushed rutabaga.


(If you are interested in other foreign food you really should go visit this page: )

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