Saturday, October 10, 2009

Do YOU belive in ghosts...?

Hi people

I have been a little busy lately, again. It's a pitty what the society have made of us, no time for fun anymore. Well, almost no time. ;o)

Today Frode and I are meting a couple we are friends with. Heidi is my childhood friend, and she is now enganged to get married too. Unfortunatly we don't see each other that often, as we don't live next door anymore.

We will meet them at this really nice restaurant in the oldest part of Oslo city. That town square was used as an execution place in the old days, and they say that many of the buildings there are haunted. I don't know about this restaurant, but there is another restaurant that lays in the old dungeon cellar... And the café next to the restaurant lays in the old hospital, and they say that the fireplace there hosts a spirit.

I am fascinated by the spirit world, and I truely belive there is more on earth than we know of. Not vampires, pixies or werewolves, but spirits. I do not have the ability to see ghosts myself, but I did have two strange sights in my summer vacation this year...

When we were at the cabin, I often sat at the table in between the kitchen and the living room. Two times I saw this small cloud of mist/ smoke that drifted by the doorway into the kitchen. I didn't just see it a small second, but maybe a full 3 seconds and in full view! I wasn't scared, but I felt like I knew we had a visitor. So I asked Frode one night if he knew if the cabin is haunted...

He said that it sure is. It is a rather creepy story, he said. I said okay, just don't tell me the story, because my imagination is rather vivid. I told him what I had seen and he was a little creaped out too. ;o) But we decided to ignore the fact as long as the spirit didn't exactly bug us or show itself for us in any other ways.

The strange thing is that I only saw the misty cloudlike shadow those two times, before we had that talk. Maybe someone just wanted to tell me that he or she is there?

We do have a ghost in our storage area at work though, and one girl I've known for 5 years told me that she and a guy was working until 7pm one night, because a truck had just come in. She was unpacking and suddenly she saw a head peak out from the concrete wall! She froze up and the guy looked up at her, and found her face white as a sheet.

He said: "you are seing the ghost now, are you?" and she had nodded. Then it was gone like in a second. She didn't see any eyes, but she could see that it was a dark shape, with short hair and that it was a man. Now we have named the ghost Jan. They are trying to figure out why he is there, and why he never shows himself during the daytime.

Also three other girls have seen him during their years there. They are not freaking out, but none of them want to work alone after 4pm. :o)
Does anyone have a ghost story to tell? I mean a self experienced or heard by someone you know quiet well.

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Laura said...

Yes, I had experiences like this, but no apparitions, just concrete feelings that I am not alone, moments when my mind is full of things and ideas that are not mine... It can be very intense. I am not affraid at all of things like this, au contraire: I WANT to be alone in this moments!