Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My faves

Here are the intros on my top five favorite cartoons of the 80's. Anyone you like or recognize?

1 - Wheel Warriors
I think the music is really great, even today. :o)

2- Mysterious cities of Gold

3 - Spartacus and the sun beneeth the sea

4 - Duck Tales

5 - Jem

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vampires are popular these days.

I have been reading these books by Karen Chance, my very first vampire books to be honest. I liked the voer on Touch the Dark so I bought it and fell in love with it after reading half the book. The intro is somewhat hectig because so much happen all at once. But after a while I was hooked. :o)
Starring Cassandra Palmer human with a very spesial ward tattooed on her back. The ward is a herritage from her mom who died in a "car accident" when she was a little girl. She is brought up by vampires, by one powerful vampire Tony and his "slaves". One other master vampire has also had his influence on her; Mircea.

He ha put a powerful spell on her that she needs to remove before she goes mad with love for him. Or is it the spell that causes her feelings? I leave it up to you to find that out yourselves. ;o)

One thing is for sure, Mircea is one true gentleman and I sure have fallen in love with him! :oD

The story takes place mostly in Las Vegas at a very special hotel called Dante. There you can meet vampires, mages, demons, gargoyls and other magial creatures. Not all of them are friends all the time...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We bought a new HD TV today.

Since I got extra money on this paycheck, we decided to buy a HD TV on sale. After hours at two shops we stood between a 40" Samsung LED TV or a 42" LG LCD. LED TVs have awsome picture quality, but we want to wait and see what will come to the marked within the next year.

This is a picture I took of Frode playing Call Of Duty. This TV is not HD and 32".

This is the TV today!! :-D It's the LG, not LED, a tough decision as it is a lot of money even on sale. The colors are much better and movies looks almost like live cams.:-)

Monday, January 11, 2010

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Made a wedding card today.

One of my Aussie pen pals have had her wedding and I have made her this card. She had a Medieval wedding at a castle, so I made her a darker themed card. :o)

Will post the FBs I'm making later. :o) Or i forgot to scan them... :oS I will post the next ones I'll make another day. ;o)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A real X-mas miracle and my mail.

Yesterday I arrived at home to have the weekend here before heading off for work again on Monday. When I came home I had got 4 envies during my week off, two from my dear friend in The Netherlands, one from a Finnish pen pal and one swap from a Norwegian swapper. A good catch I think. :o)

Above you can see the parcel I got from my Hollandish friend, a lot of nice stuff. I will send her parcel off on Monday or Tuesday. :o)

Then the X-mas miracle... :o)
I rent an apartment from a family of 5. I live downstairs (in the basement) with Frode, and they have the rest of a huge house for themselves. It works pretty fine for all of us, and the apartment is very cheap for the standard and the placement on the map. :o)

Every year I give them a box of chocolate since it is a gift for the whole family, also the kids (age 6, 13 and 16). While I was there I saw a Norwegian Forest cat walk by and I was a little surprised, as I know they have thee dogs as well (Chinese Crested, King Poodle and a Chihuahua). Then they told me they also have two rats, but the mom in the house is really reacting on them with allergies.:oS

They were thinking of giving them away, hopefully to somebody they know so the kids can go see them once in while. But giving away rats are difficult as so many have negative feelings towards them. I do not on the other hand, and I told them that I have had rats in the past, and that on Monday 14th we were looking at rats at a pet shop and I really miss having them as pets.

So the Christmas miracle is that I got the rats I wished for, and they got to give away the rats to someone they know, as they wished for! What a miracle indeed! :oD The kids were happy that they are so close to them. :oD

The one on my arm is the shy girl, and doesn't have a name yet. She is "mine" and I need to work with her to get her to trust me more. :o)

The girl on these two pics
is "Frode's" and is the very curious and speedy one. She is all over the place and is so playful. I belive we can teach her some tricks, which will be so cool. :o) Her name is "Musa" which means mouse in Norwegian. ;o) LOL!

Rats are pretty misunderstood creatures, I know they bring illnesses like the Black Plague and such, but as tame rats they are pretty clean beings. They are just like a guinea pig or a hamster, just a 10 more brighter and a tad more curious beings. :o) And they are a lot more cleaner than any hamster I have known.

Today I will go and buy them food and candy, like nuts, cheese, salad, corn, egg and more.:o)