Sunday, October 18, 2009

We are preparing for X-mas

We have just cut down a pine tree and will raise it in front of the house in Trysil. It will serve as a X-mas tree and a bird tree by the bird feeder.:-)

You see my fiance in the middle, his brother in the left and their mother.:-)

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Esther said...

ooh, snow already!

Busy little Bee said...

Yes, Trysil (the place I'm at here) is higher above sea level and gets snow early. :o) That's also why Norways #1 skiing fascillity is located there. :o) So many tourists in that area, both from other countries and from all over Norway. I am glad I don't feel like them when we are there, as I live with Frode's family at the farm. It's 20km from the mountain and in the middle of the woods. Just lovely. :o)