Sunday, October 25, 2009

Award time!!!

Hi Girls!! Today I decided to make an award and give it to 5 of the most inventive blogs out there.

Come and claim your price:
- Laura
- Marga
- Johanna
- Jacquline
- Laila

You all have blogs which I really enjoy reading, and inspire me very much. :o)

You have to give this award to 5 blogs that you think deserve this price. Post a coment on their site and let them know they are winners. The winners can place this award on their blogs, and link your blog to them. Remember to link theirs to yours as well.


Laura said...

Thank you so-so much!! I will put this lovely award on my blog later this evening; right now I have to run because otherwise my food will burn (I am in the middle of cooking). :P

Esther said...

congratulations on your awards girls!

Laila said...

Awww, thank you sooo much dear :o)
That was so sweet of you. I also love your blog <3