Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's a storm outside

We have quiet some snow now, still it's windy and snowing horizontal...

I'm going to tan today because we are having a photoshoot at work tomorrow, and we all need to dress in light(!) colours. Not the brightest idea midwinters so I will tan so I look normal white and not like ghostly white.;-)

But I'd rather stay at home in this weather... -8 + wind = freezingly cold

Monday, February 15, 2010


Yesterday I got this beatiful FB made by Laura!:-D It's made through Neat_FB_Swappers October 2008.:-) Signers are: Elisabeth in Greece,Cecile in France, Fujimoto in Japan, Amandine in France, Lucia in Italy, Stine in Denmark, Paula in Australia, Andrea in UK, and the returner: Wendy in England. A big thanks to you for returning my FB along with a beautiful card.:-)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I did some perling today

Made this bracelet which I will give away as a birthday gift.:-)

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Is it Friday 13th today or something?

I woke up this morning and took a shower, everything seemed normal. I grabed my purse and headed for the bus stop. On the bus I figured out that I had forgotten to bring my ear plugs for my iPhone with me, so I couldn't listen to the new CD I dowloaded (from iTunes, no stealing), My winter storm by Tarja.:oS

I read my book on the way so I wasn't bored exactly. I got off in Oslo and went to the next bus stop there. I have to chance busses on the way as I work on the other side of Oslo, sort of. But that's okay. The next bus leaves at 07:31am and I saw the red bus appear and the people I see every day on the bus gather themselves around the bus, so I went inside, sat down and opened my book again. After 15 min. I looked up to get a glimse at where I was so i didn't miss my stop.

The surroundings didn't look familiar at all! I looked at the sign at the bus and I was deffinitly on the wrong one!! Oh, NO! How the hell did that happen?:oO I'd never seen this bus at the bus stop before and certainly not at the same time as my bus are leaving.

So there I was at least on the travel in the right direction so far. I had to get off at the wrong hill and then call a cab from there. People had a big laugh at my job when they heard. At least I was no less than 30minutes late, and I had used 2 hrs and 15 minutes to get there alltogether. :oP

My bad luck must have been something trasmittable because Frode also got a portion of it today. We'd a snow fall for a few days and finally the city hall had gotten the men to remove the snow from most roads and sidewalks. What a luxury. :o) Well, the down side is that they remove too much snow at the wrong places sometimes...

Frode drives my car and suddenly he hears a loud noise. Both tires on the left is suddenly punktured! :oO He had managed to drive upon a concrete edge! So he had to call a friend to get him to work, then I had to call my sister to ask very nicely for new tires for a sisterly price. She was very sweet at fixed it for us. :o)

I hope this day ends nicely without more bad luck. ;o)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Twillight FBs

All made through a group swap in January. :o) I posted them a little late, but I will post more when I make the next round this month.

What's up in my life? Not that much, had some problems with my internet conection (again), but it seems all sorted out by now. Phew! I hate not having the web available. No e-mailing, no reading papers, no blogging and no fun really. The world has surely changed since I was a kid, huh?

Frode has been offered a new job today. He only works as a substitute so he needs to get a steady job. The one he is offered is a shift manager position at a Hitachi storage building. That's doesn't sound bad at all, the downside however is that it is night shifts!:oO Monday till Thursday 3am to noon. So I basicly won't see him at all for 4 days, but have Friday, Saturday and Sunday together. Well, half the Friday as I am at work while he is not. And if he works nights I doubt he will be any use being up in the weekends, it will be like he is awake at the wrong hours. :oS Big decision to make...