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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I want to make a swap

I am a member of this hobby club which sends me a kit every month. Mostly there are things I like doing or can use in FBs and such, but this month I have received something I have no use for. So I thought that I would ask if anybody is interested in making a swap with me?? Deco supplies for this kit?
The kit is not opened (the seal is still intact) and contains:

- 5 wooden door note hangers (don't know the exact eng. word for it)
- Colors : red, blue and white
- a pearlcolored paint with some kind of effect (looks really cool on the pics)
- about 20 wooden flowers + some leaves, circles, squares and more.
- 2 small wooden clothes-pegs
- glue
- a foam brush

If I had kids this would probably be a cool thing to do. Something to make together that they can but on the door to their rooms. :o)

Monday, September 8, 2008

New FBs

Some Gothic Fbs I made yesterday
My camera's batteries were empty, so I took all the
pictures with Frodes new cell phone.

I like this picture very much

This girl can shake her booty!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Norway's post office

When I was at the post office yesterday I discovered that they have changed their logo after like 200 years or so. The mail horn has been a sympol of mail for a very long time and people like it, and taken it to their hearts.
THIS is the NEW logo that they now go by!!! It is butt ugly!! :o(

And it is very similar to a toy ball I know of...

Isn't t crazy??? And they have used 300.000.000 Norwegian kroner to make this silly pokeball logo!!! in US$ it will be 60.000.000!!! I don't think I will ever like this new logo...
I feel like an old person that dislike big changes from when I was young. LOL!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Frode and Kelly

Kelly is a 9 year old American Staff, which by now is
illegal in Norway. She is the sweetest dog, not dangerous
at all. The problem isn't the dogs, but their owners. It should
have been some sort of a sertificate you had to take to buy a
dog; so peopleknow how to train them, what not to do, how to
care for them and to know what type of dog that is a good
one for you.
Did you know that Am Staff's are used as nursing dogs at