Monday, August 3, 2009

This Months Group FBs

Simsaly FBs through NQB swap. I personally like the
first one the best. :o)

Baby Girl FBs for Johanna in Finland. Congratulations on
your newborn bundle of joy. :o)

All For Her FBs through NQB. These will be made for
Joy on Hawaii.


CreativeHands said...

Cute FBs Beate! I hope they will make a stop at my box too. Would love to sign them. :) And THANK YOU for those beautiful Baby Girl FBs1 I can't wait to receive them home one day. :) (((HUGS)))

ellie said...

These are beautiful Beate!!! :)

Busy little Bee said...

*Johanna* You are most welcome for the Baby girl FBs, I really hope they will travel fast and come home to you. :o) Thanks for your kind words on the other ones as well. :o)
*Hanna* Thanks for your kind comment. Very nice of you.:o)