Saturday, August 29, 2009

I like...

... browsing the web for stuff. Some sites that I like are:
  • a Norwegian scrapbooking site/ shop not far from me. The site is in Norwegian, but I think that you can have a look at the pictures and see what I mean. It's a good shop really.
  • on this page you can see all the words and sentences that's been the 100 hottest today, on Google! Some are really strange for some reason, others I totally understand. A secret I learnt from my new job.
  • Here you can share and download stuff. Be careful with the source though, as not everyone is trustworthy. You can read coments on the files on each person, so you have an idea if it is bad or good that way. I love that.:o) You can change language in the down menu.
  • This site is perfect for downloading pictures for FB or Deco making. The pics are in good standard so they won't get fuzzy if you have a good printer.
  • Another Norwegian site, but if you like dark things/ gothic things, I recomend you to have a look anyway. This is one of my favorites. It also have some really nice and rare lettersets in gothic style. (look under skrivesaker/ brevsett)

Enjoy these sites!

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