Sunday, August 23, 2009

My summer

Finally back from two weeks up in the mountain area of Femund National Park. It's in the middle of Norway almost, but a tad to the right. We have some really beautiful nature here that we like exploring. It makes me come to peace more than a week in Spain, or a weekend in Amsterdam. Though that is also very nice! Lol!
We weren't exactly very lucky with the weather, but when we were in Trondheim we had sun! Yay! We stopped and took a picture of ourselves. Frode looks angry but he isn't, he just has the sun in his eyes. Very bright after days of rain and clouds. ;oP

Femund is a reindeer area, and a small herd of male reindeers were grassing in the area on the way to the grossery shop. This is taken from the car. It looks very cutley, but if it is provoced it is a dangerous animal. I won't have those horns in my butt! Lol!

We also drove past some really nice water falls. Not exactly Niagara, but nice and firce as well. I don't want to fall into that. ;o)
For me vacation is cows. When I was little we used to rent a cabin in another mountain area. In the morning you could hear the bells of cows passing by. If you opened the window they would come and say hi. Very nice animals. The ones we encountered was inside a grassing area with electric fence. Lucky for me the electricity wasn't on, as I stumbled and had to grap the fence with my hand. Have you ever touched an electic fence? It hurts really, and it's kinda anoying. I have heard of boys peing on the fences accidently. Not too pleasant I would imagine! LOL! :oD This cow has a very special ring in her nose. I didn't know what it was so I asked my mother in law who has had cows, and she told me it is an anti stealing device. You see, some cows actually drinks it's own milk! It is pretty rare that they do so, but when it occures, they put on this ring. Guess she isn't drinking her milk with this on! Ouch!

In Røros we have the only desert in Norway. This is also the largest desert in Northern Europe. This desert isn't entirely from the mother nature herself, this happened because of the copper mines in the area 350 years ago. To extract the copper they had to cut down spruces and pines and burn them. They took to many trees in this area and the nature couldn't grow itself back.

Frode was bored one night and decided to shave. While shaving he also found out that he would shave a 70's style beard! I laugh so much every time I see this photo! He looks so strange! Hahaha! Just look at the picture on the top and this one. ROFLOL!

We were in the area of some of the finest fishing rivers and waters, and we did go out almost every day. More or less to outdoors, as the fish wasn't exactly easy to get. We did get two pearches the first day with a good size. But then we have mostly gotten small fish that we have set out into the water/river again. Like the trout you see me holding. This is very small, so it got it's life in the river back. :o) We only take what we eat, and the fly hook does little damage to the fish. Frode isn't giving up at this small lake we found. The weather really gave us it's full and it rained a lot. But as we say : there's no bad weather, only bad clothings. We dressed well for only 10 degrees celcius, rain and ice cold wind. More like autumn than summer...

One day we got home from a trip and we stopped by a lake in the sunset. What a lovely photo and scenery. :o)
Norwegian Forest Cat on the top of the church fence in Røros.

A one- man -beach! LOL! It is actually sand! Real sand made by nature, not brough there. We also had some nice rainbow after some heavy rainfalls. This one actually stretched down into the river farther up. No pot of gold as I could see, but I didn't dive in to take a look at the bottom. ;o)
Some lovely creatures called Bee Hawk-moth. There are two of them on top of each other. I was thrilled to see it in Norway, as I haven't seen it before. I got a clear picture too. :o) We also saw 3 squirrels, two birds of pray, one Crane, a moose cow with two calves, a hare and a bunch of Sibirian Jays (beautiful birds, take a look at the link) which I haven't seen before either. They are rather rare to see and we stood there as 4 of them was flying around us, landing on the ground and bringing food up in the trees. We were spellbound there we froze in our positions and watched them for 15 minutes or so. :o)
A huge Lavvo tent with a wooden bar counter iside! LOL! Guess it's used as a party tent when tourists come with busses to see Norway. ;o)
Frode bought his first fly fishing equipment for a very good price, and did get one teeny tiny fish. A trout actually. We laughed so hard, and I had to take his picture. It's a fish alright! Even this one wasn't harmed as the fly was small, so it also had it's life back. :o)

I will post a picture serie of the cathedral Nidarosdomen in Trondheim later on. It's the most beautiful church in Norway, and we did get to walk the 172 steps up into the tower area! :oD


Laura said...

I love to read this kind of stuff, thank you for sharing! I liked what you said about nature, who makes you come to peace more than a week in Spain, or a weekend in Amsterdam. I feel very much the same. And you look great in that pic!

Busy little Bee said...

Thank you dear. I didn't feel great, but at least I didn't make a strange face like I normally do! LOL! I am far from photogenic, and I'm not exaggerating either. ;o)