Thursday, August 27, 2009

My week so far

Well, now I have finally started my office job. This week I was at the office on Monday figuring out stuff on my own. The girl that is in charge of the web page at the moment is sick, so it's basicly just me and the other new guy. :oP

Tuesday I was at my old shop working. It was good to be back as it is so close to my heart and I feel so at home there. Being there without being a manager was rather odd though, as I have a habbit of correcting things in on the shelves, cleaning here and there etc. Now I have to pretend to be just a normal employee! LOL! HAHAHA! I can't do that.

Hey, I'm even correcting things and brushing off dust from the pay-ex machines in other shops! :oD For real! That reminds me of a funny story with my dad. I gave my parents some vouches for massage for their birthday some years ago. The massage office was inside a taning studio, so we were at the end it. While we sat and waited for my mom to be done, a girl peeked her head inside. She asked if we knew how the taning bed worked, and I put on a polite smile and told her about who was the best and the not so good. I knew beacause I had tanned there myself more than once. After the girl took off my dad looked at me and I said "What?". He answered " Do you work her as well?" ROFLOL!!

Anyway, Wendsday me and the new guy went to a class to learn about the web publisher we use; OXX. It was very interesting and I learnt a lot, although I did have to have things in with a tea spoon at certain points... I was the only girl and the only one without a degree in any computer working at all. I felt a little dumb to be honest, but I decided that I would rather be looked upon as dumb from them than from my boss when I tell her I didn't learn nothing. The boys were polite and helped me, and I didn't even flirt! LOL! It's good to be a girl when there are still excisting gentlemen. ;o)

Today I used all my new knowledge and the site improved I think. Just a little bit though. I will be signing my contract on Monday and then I will also know my new sallary! I am pretty excited as I haven't really made up my mind on how much they will offer me.:o) Maybe we can afford moving within 2010 now. :o)

My sister has her birthday party this coming weekend. I am kinda invited and I am not looking forward to it at all. :o( I don't talk to her really, so from my point of view I have no business there... :oS But I will go for the sake of my very small family. We are but 6 people, 7 if you count Frode. :o)

Gotta go see if my bed is till there... ;o)

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