Sunday, August 30, 2009

I made this!

When I was on vacation I made this nice bracelet. It's macramé style with pearls. I like black design and think this one represents me in the perfect way.
I used to do macramé bracelts when I was in 5th and 6th grade at school. Back then every girl in my class did them, but without the pearls though. We used cotton treads in different colors and made them 1 - 1,5 cm wide with colors in stripes.

I think doing macramé is pretty easy and it looks very cool. What do you think?
This bracelet came in a backage from with everything you need.
I even got a pamplet so I could get my memories started on the macramé style. 6th grade is pretty long time ago, so I needed that refresh! LoL!
This bracelet is called Virgo, but I don't think it's a zodiac sign, it didn't say that on the package at least. I also want one in green, maybe I will buy that one too.


Laura said...

It looks great, I love it!

Mirs Life said...

It's lovely:D