Tuesday, September 1, 2009

For my wedding

This is the necklace/ accessorize that came with my wedding gown I ordered. I think it's inventive and special and it fits both the dress and me very well. :o)

One problem with this thing is that it has a cross. I don't usually bear a cross if it symbolizes God, since I don't belive in God. So I had to come up with another idea...

My idea was to find something to sew on, and when I was in Røros, in my vacation, I went into a jewlery shop while I was waiting for Frode. (He had to go to the toilette). And there it was! The perfect necklace, just like I was picturing and in the color I wanted! (Frode loves purple)

So when I got home I had to buy some black string and an extra ring so it will face the right way. I got both very cheap and this weekend I had the oppertunity to make it. :o) While I was making it I pictured myself at the wedding... I KNOW! It is so typical girls! Well, I don't wanna rush the poor fella, that doesn't do any good anyway. I will be a patient little girl, wishing for the great day inwardly. ;o) LOL!

Anyway, here is the resault! I had to try it also, so here you can see how it will hang on my chest. :o) The color also came forward in this photo, the other is a little dark.


Laura said...

I like this too and I think it is great that you prepare all this little details yourself. I have the habit to do this too, because I know better than anyone what I like. :)

ellie said...

It's beautiful! :) Not my style, but still I like it lots! :)