Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wedding gown

I think I may have found my wedding gown at this really amazing
web shop. I was fantasazing somewhat of actually have
a traditional handfasting, as that would be more right
for us. We want it to be the day we bind our love and friendship
together, and not involve any God or a judge. But there is only
two ways of becoming married in Norway: either in church
by a priest, or at the town hall by a judge. I would prefer the
surrounding of a church if I were to choose, but since we will
consider handfasting, we will have to get married for real¨
at the town hall. It actually hurst me a little that the ceremony
at the handfasting won't be the real ceremony to marry us... But I will
do it to have my handfasting as the main ceremony. I guess the
real marriage will just be the two of us. I find that rather romantic
when I think of it that way. ;o)
We have decided some small things, I have my shoes, my corset and now
the gown has been shiped from the web shop. Can hardly wait to see it!!
I hope I will fall in love with in real life as well. :o) We also have decided
that we'll have this amazing photo studio to take the pictures. I want
good and playfull pictures that aren't boring to watch. These have
that edge and they do it soooo well. Pluss, I know a girl that works there.;o)
PS: don't think I will wear that piece of jewlery, although it comes with
the dress. I will make one myself I think. :o)


Laura said...

The dress looks great! I cannot tell, from that picture, what kind of fabric is that, but the general view is beautiful. :) Yes, I know what a weeding means (church, judges etc) and that is why I will not marry. Most of the people actually like this "circus" called "ceremony" in modern world, but I really hate it from the bottom of my heart. Maybe someday, I will travell with my love to an isolated place where we will be marry by a pagan high priest - and I will be very happy that my marriage will not be recognized by the world because I do not need to. :) Untill then, my love is here and I have everything I need. Rebel untill death, yes, that is me, but you... you are different and I am sure you will be fine and you will go through the ceremony very well. And, most of all, you will be very beautiful in that dress. :)

Busy little Bee said...

Hi Laura. Thank you for your kind words. I totally see you point of it, but I won't let the stupid system stop me from having the day I mean that our love deserves. So we have chosen to look at it like this: our wedding is the handfasting ceremony with a high priestess (or a high priest but they are so hard to come by these days..), and our "paperworks" are at the town hall. ;o)
I am curious how our families will think of the event as they are all used to church weddings or town hall weddings. :oP But I think none of them will be negative towards it.:o)

Laura said...

Yes, I understand you even if I do not share this feelings about marriage and what a love deserves in a society like this etc. I am looking forward to see pictures of the handfasting and all. I like traditional and authetical things. A friend of mine, from Ireland married last year, at the age of 40, with the love of her life (they have been together for like 20 years) and they had a pagan ceremony in a wood, near by a lake. Just the 2 of them and the hight priest. That was really one of the most true and authentic things I have ever seen. :)

Athena said...

Dear Beate,

I was thinking of writing you a letter because I haven't heard from you for a while, and so I wanted to have a look at your blog, and was surprised to know that you are getting married!^.^ I am so happy for you!! from the bottom of my heart!! and I am sure you will look really beautiful in the dress^.^

Athena in Hong Kong