Sunday, July 19, 2009

Twilight FBs

These FBs was made for my friend in England, who's
just read the 4 books in the serie, that Twilight
the move is based upon.
I was at the cinema last night and saw Harry Potter - and the
halfblood prince. The movie is very good indeed, ut the end
came so sudden. Oh, well. I leave it up to you that have
seen it to coment further, so I won't spoil it for the
ones that haven't.


Jacqueline Roy said...

Hey Beate! First let me tell you that I like your wedding gown-very beautiful! The Twilight FBs are really nice. I'm planning on seeing the Harry Potter film this week. Thanks for letting us know the end is sudden as I'll expect it. I'm dissapointed when that happens. It happened in the first Lord of the Rings too. I know with Harry Potter they have split the book in two movies so that's probably why the end was sudden. I've been looking forward to this movie for ages.

Laura said...

Great looking FBs. You are very talented! I received Harry Potter 2 days ago and I have seen it several times - I love it and I will make a post about this later tonight I hope. *hugs*

PrincessTejera said...

Hi Beate! I love these Twilight FBs, they are so beautiful! I was disappointed with the abrupt end of the Harry Potter movie as well. I was like, what, that's the end?? lol.