Saturday, July 11, 2009

I am not a big art fan of any kind....

... but I do like good art when I see it. Last year I decided to take Frode to the art gallary/ museum of Munch. Henrik Munch was a child with a huge talent of painting, and I like the way he used the brush on his paintings.:o) Today his big painting is on the 1000kr bank note as a tribute to him.
In 2005-2006 his famous painting Scream was stolen from the museum, but was later found. We did convict a couple of men for it, who are in jail even today. The painting was not handled well and suffered some damages. They had even taken the priceless frame apart from it! Clearly somebody without much knowledge about art like this. It's worth more unharmed than they can imagine!

Then we have Theodore Kittelsen. This man was made famous for illustrating folklores, fairytales and mystical creatures. The painting that I remember the most is The Neck or Nøkken as we say. That is the creature that lives in the water luring people in it... I always think of him whenever I encounter a dark and bottomless pond in the forest. It gives me the chills even today. LOL! But his other paintings are also some pieces of art that I grew up with. :o)

Then there is Odd Nerdrum. Nerdrum is loved and hated for his VERY strange ways of behaviour, and really bisarre paintings. I once looked through a whole book of his paintings and I found that I really like his makabre art. I don't know why really. It appeals to me in a strange way.
By the way, Odd is actually his name by birth. Odd doesn't mean strange or weird in Norwegian, but is a pretty normal name. Since we have been more Americanized we choose not to name our newborn Odd or Even. Sounds really weird in English, where they have a TOTALLY different meaning. Hehehe

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