Friday, July 31, 2009

At home sick

Last night I was at colleague's apartment in Oslo, together with 4 other coworkers, and 3 boys. We made dinner and I had two glasses of wine before I left at 2330. On the way home I didn't feel too well, and I was very happy to reach the toilette time just as I came to the drive way.:o)
Slept like a baby last night, but when I woke up today my stomach didn't exactly behave like my best friend. :oC Guess I've got some kind of bacteria it wants out. So I had to call in sick, which I really hate. I like going to work with a cold or if I just have a stomach ache etc. I don't call in sick very often, but when I do I always feel so sorry for my colleagues. Especially since I was put in another shop to help out in a very hectic periode this summer. I feel awfull to let them down like this. But I can't make it down to the train the way I am right now. My stomach won't alove me to leave the house. :oS

This is Stella an Shih Tzu dog that bellongs to one of my coworkers. She is such a sweet dog. I liked the silky fur of hers, and those cute eyes. :o) I hadn't seen a Chi Apso in real life until I saw her. Isn't she just a cutiepie?

Yesterday was the day of all days. I had my wedding dress delivered to me at my job. I was very excited to see it in real live. And I wasn't exactly disappointed! It looks really good in real life! Way better and more wedding gownish than I ever though by the picture (I posted)!! I am so happy! :oD So now I wonder about a very imporant fact: I know it is bad luck for the groom to be to see me in the dress before the wedding and all. But is it also bad luck for him to see it on a hanger before the wedding? Just wondering as I am dying to show it to him when he gets home! :oD And we haven't set a date for the wedding yet. ;o) Lol. It'll come, we just won't rush it and I won't push it on him.
I also got the cricut flowers from Ebay that I won the biddings on. Lovely sizes and colors. Can't wait to use these to decorate! :oP
My Hollandish pen pal send me a letter too. I haven't heard from her in months so I was really pleased to find her letter in my mailbox. Everything is fine now, but she's been through a lot poor girl. She almost lost her boyfriend and the father of her daughter, in surgery! It was just a routine operation, but it became rather nasty. Poor guy lost 4 litres of blood! :oO He is still recovering from it today. My thoughts goes him and to my penpal.


Jacqueline Roy said...

Hey Beate! sorry to hear you are at home feeling ill. If it doesn't get any better you probably should see a doctor in case you do have a bacteria. You really shouldn't feel guilty my dear as you are important and need to take care of yourself. I used to feel guilty when I didn't go to work and hardly took time off even when the doctor told me to, the result: a burn-out. Just please take care of yourself.

high Quality Fbs said...

Hi! it is yours dog Shih Tzu?

Busy little Bee said...

Thanks for your kind words. I am so guilty of feeling guilty, but I do also think that if I'm really sick, I can also stay at home as everybody else. It's better now. :o) Esp after some kind words from my two bosses. They take me seriously and that is what counts for me. They know they can count on me.:o) Besides my coworker was really kind and came at my door with some white bread and Coca Cola so I can have some easy food and drinking for my stomach. :o)

Busy little Bee said...

I meant Shih Tzu for sure. I just wrote Chi instead, and then all of sudden I also wrote Apso from out of nowhere. Lol! No Stella isn't my dog, but my colleague's. :o)

Susie said...

Sorry to hear that you haven't felt well Beate, I hope you are much better by now.
P.S: how exciting that you have your wedding dress !!

Busy little Bee said...

Indeed very exciting to have it in my home. When I felt better yesterday I did try it on with my shoes and my corset as well. It is so perfect, and I actually started crying! You can imagine how I will turn out on my actual wedding day! Lol!:oD