Sunday, March 29, 2009

The sword of Truth = Legend of the Seeker

This serie of books from Terry Goodkind is one of the best I have ever read. Since both Frode and I are reading the same serie, we have discused a lot of the events (in our little book group) and have fantasised how we would have made it all into a serie of movies. Which actors and actresses that we would have had, etc. Visiting we discovered that they have made the whole 1st season serie for the telly!!! We downloaded all 17 episodes last night and weatched 1&2. It is so strange to see it in a play.

We are not convinced just yet, as the first book is so full of details that is hard to get into a serie or a film. I think the first book would have been as great as all the three LOTR put togheter. I have no doubt what so ever on that part. As the book is so vast. Anyway, for it to function properly in a serie for those who have not read the book, they need another storyline. I see that part alright. But we miss two things:

1) a story teller because that way you would have gotten so much more info in a productively way, that is left out in the serie as it is today.

2) The map of world! It is so signifficant that I cannot belive that they have left it out! I have memorized the map more or less, but I guess the viewers have no clue where the boundaries are, or where D
'Hara is compared to the Midlands or Heartland.

Seing the characters you have come to know so dearly in your mind being played by someone on the screen is also a bit strange. I love Khalan as I think she is as beautiful as I imagined. I am not yet convinced
about Richard or Zed, but I think they may be right for the parts if they grow into their characters. Guess they are a bit new to them as actors yet.:o)
The director of the Serie is Sam Raimi - the man who directed Spiderman. That is a big pluss.:o)

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Susie said...

Hi Beate ,
Oh I am so pleased you received my parcel and that you liked everything :-) .I will send you some more of those alphabet stickers :-) as you said you can't get them over there .
oh ! I have been watching the Legend of the seeker on tv. They do it on Sundays . It started a few weeks ago just after I had read about it on your blog . What a coincidence! . Hugs
Susie . here is my email : susiesintes(at)