Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When do I learn?!

Yesterday started off a bit stressful, and when I put my ear ring in I lost it!! It fell somewhere either on the table with the sink or down the crack in the table. I had to hurry to work so I didn't have time to look before I came home again. I didn't find it anywhere but I did find a box with self bronzer tissues. One was left and I thought to myself at 1am in the morning. What a good idea, my skin is so pale from the winter so it would look dashing with some brown color. Like I've been taning in Cyprus or somewhere exotic.
I now remember why I hadn't used the last aplication tissue... I CAN'T PUT IT ON RIGHT!! I have tried like 8 different things from spray, to gel to tissues and I always end up with lighter parts or darker parts! It looks horrible.:o( So today I will have to wear a high necked jumper the rest of the day, so nobody can see my weird looking taning color.! LOL!!! I have to laugh at myself, why did I try it again? I know that I am shitty on this, guess I just am a possitive person that likes to try again and again and again.;o)
My comfort- it will only last a week. Hahaha!

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