Monday, March 16, 2009

Been shopping today

Some sticker boarders from the web. These I got about a month ago
now, but forgot to post it.

On Friday and today I came over some super packs with cardboard
papers in different colors and thickness'. I saved A LOT of money
on these, I am not exagerating if I say something around 130-140€!

And I bought some background papers in different patterns. Pic.1 shows
the 8 different patterns which I got 2 of each in the pack. Pic.2 shows background
papers which I absolutely LOVE and HAD to buy. Love the big letters too. A little
scary type of print. Have any of you a clue if rub ons are okay to use in FBs? I have
bought a sheet to check it out.


Laura said...

Oh, the big letters are exactly Harry Potter design, with that flashlight... ;)

Busy little Bee said...

I see that too now! How cool isn't that! But I was wondering what you meant by "with that flashlight". Maybe Flashlight means more than one thing in English..?

Laura said...

Yes, you are right, lol, I made a mistake. :P I meant "lightning" or "flash", but I guess I composed a word from those 2, with a diferent meaning. :) Sorry, I am really very tired.

Busy little Bee said...

Hahaha, that's funny! I sometimes do that myself! Now I understand what you meant.:o)