Saturday, March 28, 2009

Funny Blog

Frode discovered this funny blog which I strongly recomend on a blue day! It is hillarious! People do so many stupid things and lucky for us there are always a camera at the right (or wrong) places! HEHEHE!

Heres an example:


Laura said...

It seems that I have accidentally modified some settings and my blog was not visible for a few days. Now everything should be ok, so I hope you will keep on visiting me. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi dear:) Thank you for your nice message on my blog. But it is odd that you can't see it from yours! I am fine thanks and you? Thursday I've pierced my ear in the top! I will place a photo very soon. Right now it's aching a bit:|
Well I would like to be in touch with you! If you still looking for some pals I'll be here:D

Hugs Mir

Busy little Bee said...

*Laura* I will visit you after writing these messages. I love your blog, I just thought you very busy and hadn't got time to post anything.:o)

Busy little Bee said...

*Mir* I told my boyfriend of the problem and he suggested that I deleted you and added your page again, so I did. Now I have access to your site again.:oD Yey!
So cool that you have pierced your upper part of the ear! I am also thinking of that! I have waaaay to many piercings at the moment though.;o) I have 10 in all!!

Anonymous said...

10?? Wow, well I have only 5 now. But there will be a 6th one though!
Where do you have yours?