Saturday, June 27, 2009

My rubber stamps

I really love these paw marks. Makes
them seem a little more real to me. :o)

This is the stamp which Frode bought to me for
X-mas/ Yule. He went singlehanded into the
stamp shop and browsed the endless shelves
until he found this one. I LOVE IT! It is sooo
me! Makes it even more special to know that
he hit it spot on. I kinda like the type of lines
in the bottom part, and am thinking of maybe getting
this butterfly as a tattoo. Maybe inside the one I plan
to take down my left leg, as it is the same lines and would
match perfectly.

This one couldn't be more me. I am a huge fan of bats ever since
my ex boyfriend said, that if you spell
you have my name! And with the lines that I love so much! But where
to tattoo such a piece without it seeming odd or ugly...? Out of place.
I want tattoos to match my body figure and look like pieces
of art, rather than some strange piece of drawing
that seems out of place. So many people have that... :o(

I find these bumblebees very cute. I bought this to stamp
outside envies I send out. :o) A cute detail.

This angel came in a set of 4 rubber stamps that
was on sale. I have sent two of them to a swap
friend in Singapore, and kept two myself. They have
very fine lines instead of the broad ones in the other
stamps I have. Makes it looks all the more neat.:o)
I tried to color one, but it's not that great colored.
It kind of was in a hurry so I could scan and publish it
before I went to work. :o)



ellie said...

You got really beautiful rubberstamps! :) But the paw marks are my fave! So real, so cute! :)

Susie said...

Great stamps . I love the two bees holding the envelope , really cute !

Laura said...

My dearest, I received yesterday the homer - thank you for it and also for the other great stuff! I will send you soon some "thank you stuff".

I love the bat & the butterfly stamps. I use stamps too, in very different ways, mostly for making my backgrounds for decos. :)

Busy little Bee said...

Thanks girls. :o) I am not a huge collecter (yet) so it's nice that you liked my stamps. :o)