Friday, June 19, 2009


Hi good people and bloggers.

Finally I am back! Yesterday we went to the repairshop and retrieved a new 22" widescreen for my computer. It "only" took them 2 months!!! Next time I won't go to the shop, but take it to the maker at once. And I will most likely newer shop in that shop again, so they lost a good customer due to all this fuzz.
Anyway. I start off with posting my new Dog FBs through a group swap. My previous ones were lost in the mail :o( so I had to make new ones. Too bad, because I was happy with the the ones I made the first time. But these are nice too. I had three pictures to make them from, as I had no printer. Hope you like the resaults too. :o)

I also came over these collective pictures at ToysRus. I just had to get them! And guess what, I also found out that the maker of Diddl has made a new character! I love it! :oD


Laura said...

I`m very happy to see you back, Beate! The FBs are great.*hugs*

CreativeHands said...

Hi Beate! :) I like your new FBs. :) What a pity that your first set got lost in the mail. That's really annoying when mail gets lost.

Do you mean the 2 new friends that Diddl has? Simsaly and Dimmdann? They are both cute. :)

HUGS! <3