Saturday, May 30, 2009

Time flies soooo quickly!

It feels like yesterday I was blogging about the good day! It's a bit scary...
I haven't been able to make many new FBs at all, since I have been busy at work. We celebrate 20 years with having all sorts of sales. We are also getting a computer based cash register and I have been to a course. So much info to take in on one day only! Now I have to remember it for two weeks before the cash register is put in place. I hope I will. :o)
Last weekend we went fishing at the lake we use to go to. We stayed over night and it was so nice to sleep outdoors again.:o) I didn't catch any fish really, only a small perch the size of a sardine! LOL! Frode on the other hand caught a throut. :o)
On the 20th of May we had a big party at work to celebrate the day we opened our first shop. I got a bit too drunk and ended up having a terrible night in the bathroom. My stomach still is a bit upset, but at least I have kept my kilos on.:o) That is good.:o)
This weekend summer is really upon us cold Norwegians. I had to work for 4 hours only today as the shop closed at 4pm instead of 6 pm. Talk about luxury! I have been sun bathing for a couple of hours, and am now watching Superman on the telly.:o) (with one eye that is).
How are you all doing? :o)

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