Saturday, May 16, 2009


I have finally decided which new cell phone I like, and I ordered it very cheap through the website of my phone company. On Thursday it finally arrived at the post office and I ran over to pick it up.:o)
WOW! It is waaaaay better than I first thought it was! It has the most amazing phone camera with 5 mpx, really good soom, image stabilisator, autofocus, etc. I wanted a pink phone as I cannot find black phone in either my purse or when I accidently lay it on the black kitchen counter! This pink is metalic pink and really cool.:o)
So far I have browsed through just a little of the phone. I am very curious of what it can do. I know I can take high speed videos and watch DivX movies on it.:o) And it has touch screen! Weeee! I love it! I actually think this is better than iPhone. My coworker has an iPhone and she really loves it, but it has a poor camera and cannot recieve MMS on it...
I payed only € 32,37, not bad at all. :o)


Laura said...

Very handsome! What is it? It looks like an LG to me... The price was also good, in deed. I have a Nokia as the main phone and I have to change it soon because it got quite old. Great phone! I am a Nokia fan, so I will remain faithfull to this brand. Will see what phone I will pick up this time... :)

Busy little Bee said...

I was a Nokia fan too, until all their phones broke within a year. Then I changed to Sony Ericsson and am very faithful to that brand. Not so many problems with those.:o) And Nokia has become good again I belive, but I needed a phone that could be more a camera and a mini PC.:o) Like an iPhone, only cheaper.
Yeah, it's a LG. Kind of new to me, but my MP3 player is LG and I love it. I would recomend you to watch shines movie on youtube before you buy a new phone.;o)