Sunday, May 17, 2009

What a weekend!

Yesterday we won the Eurovision Song Contest. WOW! That is amazing. I never thought we would win the whole damn thing! LOL! But I am of course very greatful that Norway finally has given a contribution to Europe that really delivered.:o)
I didn't get to see the finals myself as we celebrated our 3 years anniversary at a fine China restaurant in the next town. I had steak as I cannot eat any dish there without becoming very ill, but Frode had a tasty lobster. :o) Both dishes were perfectly cooked/ prepared. Then I had a dessert that was sooooo tasty. Sorbet ice of forest berries and mango. Yummy!
At home we saw Death Race and The Spirit. I didn't like The Spirit that much, but the tomboy I am LOVED Death Race. Hunky men in prison, gorgous girls and fast and crazy cars.;o) My fave movie this year. Looking forward to see Coraline, I think I will love that one too.:o)

Today's Norway's National day. This is how the main street in Oslo seems like right now as I write this. Every single one comes out this day, especially as it is sunny and blue sky today.:o) Foreign or not. Flags are waved and the kids parade the street passed the castle on top of the street.

There the King and Queen together with the crown prince and his crown princess are standing and watching for hours. Waving at every single school class that pass them. I think they'll have a waving injury at the end as there are over 100 schools in Oslo, and every school has many classes! WOW!
On this picture I found you see the castle (a really ugly one) at the top of the street. In front of the picture are men and women dressed in our national clothings bunad. This type of wear represents where in Norway you are from. I have a dress I inherited from my grandma (5 sizes to big still), but I have to buy every accessorice to wear it. It costs a LOT. But I really like the one I have, it is black with very neat croche of flowers on the skirt.:o) Couldn't be more me, and it represents my roots perfectly.:o)


Laura said...

Congratulations again for winning the Eurovision! And... nice to see those tradicional costumes... I would wish the pics were bigger... :)

Susie said...

I thought about you yesterday evening when Norway won Eurovision :-) . Congratulations!! Our song (Spain) was dreadful . We did really bad .

Esther said...

At least we didn't come last - 5th was pretty good for the UK! I did like Norway's song but in a really weird way I liked Germany's and voted for that!

Busy little Bee said...

Thank you. I wish I could have seen the other contribitions also. But I guess I can see the on YouTube later on.:o)
I did hear a little bit of Germany's song and I have to say it did catch my attention with it's rythm. I have to see that one as I heard Dita Von Tees were hired to dance for them! I love her!

ellie said...

Congratulations! :) I somehow totally missed Norways performance. But luckily I could hear it after the win! :)
Yay! For Nordic countries! :D
(not for Sweden&Finland though, we were horrible...)