Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This is the type of dog that I have fell in love with. A big and confident dog that is calm, animal loving, people loving and can handle a nudge.
Boerboel belongs to the Molosser dog group and it's origin is from South Africa. It is a guard dog and was used (is still in use) for guarding farms, animals and may have been used to hunt lions acoringly to the history.

It is suitable to have even though you have other animals. Are they cute togheter or what?

And they come in various colors, like brown, light brown, tiger striped, spots....

And even in this grey variation. Looks really nice with a light snout and dark mask around it's eyes instead.
*I will never tell!* (enlarge this image and look closer at his lips!)
Boerboel and a Rottweiler. It is rare to see them with a white bliss, the Rottweilers, but it appears sometimes as it had to be bred with Berned Sennen to keep them in good condition to further breeding. I also like Rottweilers, and I am also considering this breed, but I think they can be a little challange in the summer because of their black fur. They become over heated fast, and I have to rely on them in the forest carrying equipment and such.

Boerboels come in two types of snouts, the boxer type which is a little "crushed" inwardly, and the more regular one. I prefer the regular one, also because there can be more problems with the airways of a "crushed" type.
Many peope won't have dogs because they drool. That is partially right and partially wrong. Dogs comes with different types of palates, one is wet and one is dry. The wet palates causes drooling all the time, like St. Bernhard dogs. The try palates won't droole if is isn't sweating, stressed or has just had food. But not much drooling then either.:o)
They are quiet big dogs, just look at this one.
males 25-28 inches (64-70 cm.), female 23-25.5 inches (59-65 cm.). Weight: 154-200 pounds (70 and 90 kg).
This is my fave pic of a Boerboel. This one is as cutiepie and look how sorry it looks! LOL! But it allows the child to be inside it's little den (cage) and that speaks a lot. That is their territory and home, and dogs are dogs no matter what breed. They always protects their territory and their food. So this picture shows that they are pretty sweet dogs even though their size and scary looks.:o)
This is what I know about the breed from reading different Kennel's description of dogs, and from hearing it from one aquaintance that knows of a girl that owns one.
Boerboels are rare in Norway, and I have not seen one live yet. They are not even listed as a pure breed here, and came to Norway in 1999 for the first time.
If any of you know of any Boerboels or anybody that owns one, please feel free to tell me more about them. I very much like to hear more from people with experince.:o)


Bianca said...

Cute! And really big!! :-) I love dogs, but my own is smaller. ;-)

Laura said...

I like very much your new blogger template. :) And... wow, you seem to know so much about dogs! I love all the animals, however, my favourites are cats and horses. :)

Jacqueline Roy said...

I love the photo of the cat and dog together and the boy with the boy inside the cage. Adorable! And, as Laura said you really do seem to know a lot about dogs. I'm a huge animal lover too.

Busy little Bee said...

I love animals very much, and I like studying different types of dogs. They are as different as they look, so I want to be sure before I buy one myself.:o) I grew up with two yellow Labradors myself. Lovely dogs too, very much like a Golden Retrieve without all the fur.
You hear so much about cat people and dog people, but both Frode and I are both! LOL! We sure want to have a Maine Coon cat, as it looks like a Lynx, and has a wonderful spirit.:o)