Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kaukasian Ovcharka

This looks like a cute dog or what? It is a cute dog, but this is the nightmare of all breeds of dogs. Ovcharka is a cattle dog with very high guardian instict. They protect the herd from wolves and bears so they are extreemely tough as a breed. That is what makes them such dangerous dogs to have.

The problem with these dogs are that they do not obey they owners in ANY WAY! It is completely ignorant from taking orders from any human being at all! I am not joking in this. It decides if it wants to run away, guard places, attack you etc completely by itself. And nothing stands in their way.
A very suspicious type of breed too, it takes a lot less for these dogs to attack than for a Pit Bull to do the same. If I would choose which race I would be attacked by, I would choose Pit Bull, as they at least are 20kg and not 70kg of raw force.
I don't think we have any of these in Norway, but in Sweden there are quiet some. I have just seen a documentary on a Swedish chanel on TV, and they are a huge problem for the environment. Imagine meting a dog walking with his owner and it decides that you are a threat to them...

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ellie said...

Hi Beate! :)
This is quite scary! I wouldn't never have such a dog which can't be trusted anyway.
Thank you for your compliments! :) I'll add your blog to my bloglist as well. :)