Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Easter

Our trip started at my parent's caravan. We got up there and got a sightseeing round inside the caravan. It's really nice! Miss the caravan vacations I used to have as a kid. Maybe we'll end up getting a caravan later too, but now we can't afford it... We grilled some hot dogs and porkchops, and ate my mum's great potato salad. Yum!!:o) In the afternoon we used about 2 hours I belive, to put up the lavvo tent in the snow. It was still 50cm of rotten, wet snow that we fell through everytime we tried walking one step! But we stamped it down with our feet and made it hard enough so we could put the tent up. It wasn't exactly a perfect model of the lavvo, so I didn't take any photo of it. But here's an older photo of the same lavvo in the summer. It's me in the front and Jørn's head in the opening.LOL!

Then we headed up to Sølen where my in-laws cabin is.:o) It's actually my mum-in-law's old childhood home that they have redone into a nice cabin. It is really cousy. They have electricity and water, plus a toilet and a shower.:o) We had one day of sun which we used outdoors all day long. In the afternoon we ate a very tasty pork dinner and played Yatzi and Texas Hold'em. That's Easter for me.:o) Well, maybe not Texas Hold'em as I learnt it this Easter, but Yatzi really is.:o)

From the old days there is an outdoor toilet as well. You can choose if you want to use the comfortble one indoor or this one. I dare anyone to try this one one icy winter night with northern wind and -20 degrees celcius!! We are vikings, no doubt about that. Lol!

Trolls are very Norwegian I belive. All our fairytales have trolls in them, well almost every one of them. This is a rather big troll from Tynset. It makes the cabin a little fairytale-ish, a magic place. The fireplace is full of smaller ones too.:o)

The cabin is situated about 700 m above the sea level and you can see the mountains in the background. The first is taken on that one sunny day after we arrived, and the other one later at night at sun down. :o) Makes me long for the wilderness the mountain gives. I look forward to the summer months so we can camp out more.:o)
Skibladner is the name of this paddle steamer, and it lays in Norway's biggest lake Mjøsa. It is also the oldest Steemship that still runs it's rout! :o) It was built in 1856, and has been stored twice till this day. (You can tread more about it here.)
In the town Gjøvik, where Skibladner is, you have this very nice train station. I like it very much and it is the nicest one I know of in Norway. It was opened in 1902.:o)
I will post more pictures from the day we had in Trysil too. Jørn's wild snowmobile ride in his shorts! Lol!:o)


Jacqueline Roy said...

Beate it sounds like you had a very nice outdoorsy weekend! How brave you are in such temperatures. I'm not that found of cold temperautures I'm afraid. He! He!

Laura said...

Your trip sounds great! :) Yep, I know everything about those outdoors toilets, they are still present in our villages. the only difference is that we have very rarely -20 degrees. But still, it can be a hell at -10 degrees too. :P

Susie said...

Wow! what a lovely Easter holidays . You must have had so much fun . I envy people who live in such cold countries .
Oh by the way , yesterday I posted a little parcel for you . I hope you get it soon :-)
Susie x x

Susie said...

Thanks Beate for your lovely swap !! I loved everything. I have added a photo on my blog of everything you sent. Once more thank You !! hugs Susie x x