Monday, December 13, 2010

Yule tradition

Decorating a ginger bread house is a tradition we have for Yule. This year I so cheated as I bought one at the food store, and attatched it myself... I know! It's not the same... But at least it feels like Yule and it sure smells like Yule. =)

I attatched it with home made caramell (melted sugar) from the oven pan.

I didn't like the tiles so I made some bigger ones. From a distance it looks great.

Honestly, I'm a disaster in the kitchen... I guess I'm just clumsy and it shows in this decoration, but I am happy anyway. It could have been worse... Right? =P

Frode is satisfied and as long as it tastes as good as it seem it'll be Yule this year as well. =)


Laura said...

This is the lovliest thing of all! :) You have gold-hands. :)

Jacqueline Roy said...

Your Gingerbread House looks very nice and neatly decorated. Whenever we decorate one as a family the icing is sliding down the side and it is simply a big mess. Enjoy it! :) Jacqueline

Busy little Bee said...

Thanks girls: =) Got the cotton in the pipe too, after Frode noticed I hadn't put it in... He is a sucker for traditions too, just won't always admit it I think. ;o) LOL!