Friday, December 31, 2010

A cute gift from a pen pal.

Yesterday I got a very nice gift from my friend and pen pal in Canada. I love the socks with the cute dogs on! =) Thank you very much J. I wish you a Happy New year for yourself and your's as well. =)

I am currently up in the mountain area at my in-law's for the weekend. It's so relaxing, no house work waiting for me and I can do everything else that I like. I have some lettersets with me so I can answer the letters I have waiting. I also brought the book I am reading.

There is no fireworks in this area on New Years Eve so it will be a family dinner night - we'll have moose fondue. =)

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYBODY!!!! Have a nice celebration and we'll catch up in 2011.

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Jacqueline Roy said...

Hi Beate! I'm so happy it reached you this week since I was late mailing it. I hope you wear these kinds of socks. I know you like dogs and I thought they were cute. :) Happy New Year! Jacqueline