Saturday, September 5, 2009

Norwegian mail box

How does your mail box look?

Norwegian mail box' look like this. Here's where I send all my mail out to my groups, and penpals. :o)

It's quiet red and quiet boring actually, but I think it's fun to see what other countrie's mail box' look like.

Do you take the challange and post a picture of your mail box?


Mirs Life said...

This is the Dutch mail box.

Busy little Bee said...

Thanks for the link Mir.:o) You actually have TNT mail service? That was new to me. :o)

Esther said...

this is what a usual post box looks like

but we do have some in the wall like yours.

We didn't take any photos inside the castle as there wasn't much to see!

Erika M said...

Hi :) this is the Brazilian mail box
I like the way it looks, but I hate I can't drop big envelopes there :/

Busy little Bee said...

This is very interesting! Mail box' are very different around the world indeed. :o)
ERIKA: I guess I see your point in having a hard time getting bigger envies in there! Don't you have bigger ones as well? We do have a big one here, but they are pretty rare.
ESTHER: I think your mail box is very pretty. I like the round form of it. :o) The one I posted doesn't go in the wall though, it's just what you see hanging on the wall... Quiet small. But we do have one bigger in this area, outside the mall. I am afraid of using that one because mail have disappared from there for me... :oS

Erika M said...

Hi Beate, this one on the photo is the only mail box availible here. If I have a bigger envelope I have to go to the post office. So I put stamps and drop in the box only A5 envelopes or smaller ones. If I have a big swap I have to go there :/