Sunday, February 8, 2009

We sure got enough snow now

Summer, and how it looks today when I went out the
door this morning. It snowed all night till Saturday, and
all day as well. This is the resault, we now got 1 meter!

The trees are heavy loaded, even though the
snow is like dust, not wet at all.

The hedge is like a snow wall more or less. LOL!

The big pile on the left is from the snow plow,
look at how big it is. It's at least 2 meters high.


Laura said...

Oh, gee, it looks beautiful. We have almost spring here, there are 13-14 degrees outside (during the day, of course) and there are plenty of snowdrops already. :)

Bianca said...

Oh, so much snow! Well, they say we will also have snow again this week. But I would love to have spring, we already had enough winter this year.

Busy little Bee said...

It's rather weird for me to imagine spring already. We won't have spring and warm weather until April, even then we will still have snow left.:o)
You won't belive it, but it has just started to snow again! Not like it did yesterday, but the flakes are that are falling are rather big.
It's -2 degrees here at the moment, but it is predicted that we'll have -15 to -18 next week! I prefer the temperatures between -2 and -10 really.