Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Home and sick...

On Sunday I felt something tingeling when I was breathing, and on Monday it came out in full force. My air ways are infested with a virus or something, and I keep trying to caugh of a lung or two.:o( My imune system is quiet powerful as I have only got the flu once in my entire life, I usually only get a mild form of a cold and I can go to work with a leaking nose. But not this time unfortunatly.
So now I am trying to get rid of this by eating/ drinking mother natures medicines; seal oil capsules, rudbeckia drops and peppermint etherial(?) oil. The peppermint oil is very good when I start caughing badly.:o)
This weekend we are going to drive up north to Trysil, and ride our snowmobiles. It is the most incredible snow conditions ever and I am sick! I cannot belive this! I hope so much that I get better so I can drive at least on Sunday. Or else I am very tempted to screw being healthy, ride as much as I can, and be sick all next week as well. These snow condiotions are like the type we will have to wait another 10 - 15 years for to happen again, most likely. It will be pretty darn stupid of me not to go. Don't you agree?

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