Friday, February 27, 2009

Eurovision Song Contest

After I made the mistake of thinking that Tone Damli AAberget was this years contribution from Norway in the Eurovision song contest, I am posting this. I am very curious what your opinions are, so please take the time to watch and comment it. Please be honest, no offence taken.:o)


Laura said...

Well... I think we both have problems with our countrie`s songs for this contest... :P But I saw that Norway`s song - this song - is best rated so far, people seems to like it. Personally, I cannot say too much about it. It has some strange influences in it, there are parts where it seems to be russian, and that violin intro has a little something irish "wanna be" in it. The lyrics are very (too) easy and somehow forced in the song. But I am certain that this song will be more appreciated than our song. :) (I too would vote for this song instead of our song :P)

Busy little Bee said...

Thanks for honest words.:o) I totally see what you said. I showed it to Frode yesterday and he loved it, strangely enough. So I think that either we come among top 10, or we will in the loosers end. No middle with this one.;o)