Thursday, January 15, 2009

My mail

Some lettersets I ordered from

I really like them, and they are cheap to.:o)

This is my fave. I also got one with Jack Scellington, really nice.

These are some Fbs I have received from different swappers. Maybe some of you recognice any of them.:o) I am so looking forward to the weekend as I am set to make some FBs again. Feel like ages since last time. LOL! Will post them soon.


Erika M said...

Lettersets, I LOVE them! hehehe
There is one fb made by me, the Hello Kitty stamp, I did not remembered it... can you tell me to whom I did it?

Busy little Bee said...

Hi. The Hello Kitty Stamp FB you made is for Kimie Yanada- Canada.:o) It is a very nice FB. I have never seen a Hello Kitty Stamp before. Really cute. Wish we had such nice stamps in Norway.:o)

Erika M said...

These Hello Kitty stamps are from Japan... they always do cute stuff!