Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Some dragon lettersets I have. I think they are really good lettersets with details and pretty on the backside too. The drawer is Bob Eggleton.

This is the letterset I have from Victoria Francés Favole. I like this style of drawing very much. I have enclosed a picture of the back the sheets. Black and grey roses.:o)
If you are interested in seing more lettesets like this you can visit www.dragenshule.no and click on the skrivesaker link on the left, then brevsett. Enjoy!


Laura said...

They are beautiful. I actually saved them to my comp and I`m going to use them, even if that means to somehow stole them. :S Thank you! I like Victoria Francés, not quite everything she creates, but... yes, she is very good and expressive.

Laura said...

PS. I`m going to send you something in return for this beautiful stationeries which you shared. I just have to look between my stuff and pick up something.

Busy little Bee said...

You thief! Hahaha! Just steal whatever you like, that is no problem with me. I guess you might like the other set of stationery I have. It's Simon Thorpe's Vampires. I will scan and send them to you.:O) I didn't post them here since they are a little more... drastic? I like the crazyness they represents.

wistaria said...

Hey! Is it real lettersets or to use on the computer? If they er real, i would be very interested to do a swap with you. I collect lettersets, and i can send you some disneys in return. If you are interested, plz write me wisannlouise@hotmail.com Hope to hear from you.
Ann-Louise (Denmark)