Friday, January 16, 2009

I proudly present

my 131 year old book. I found this in an antique shop about 3 years ago. They have a lot of weirds stuff and some funny stuff I remember from my great grandma's house etc. I was going browsing this shop and came across this book. I asked the owner what he wanted for it and he actually offered it to me for 1Euro!! Can you belive it?! ONE freakin' Euro! I said: SOLD! So here I am with my old book, which I keep inside a plastic bag to keep it a bit protected at least. Hehehe!


Laura said...

That`s a beautiful thing. As I can see it`s a a french translation of Cervantes` "Don Quijote". It`s a wonderful book and a wonderful lecture. :)

Ravengirl said...

Thank you.:o) I have his entire book in Norwegian from a book club I once joined, and it's on the list on books I have to read. It will take a while though, as I have a long list... I love books!

Ravengirl said...

oh, by the way. Ravengirl is me: Beate for those who wonder. I forgot that I was logged in as ravengirl, I am working on my new blog. Check out