Sunday, April 8, 2012

Renewing our apartment in November 2011

 The living room was butt ugly with this dark blue-grey colour, so we wanted something lighter.

 Blue is also said to be the most depressing colour you can have, so mentally it isn't a good option.

 Over the doors they had put shelves like the one you see on this picture. I wanted those gone...

 So coffee latte is our colour and after rubbing the wall (each plate and each crack) down we could finally start with coat one...

 Before the blue-grey colour they had the reddest living room ever!

 Then coat two... 

  And finally coat THREE!

The kitchen is pretty much okay and the new colour match the kitchen much better. =)

 This is the living room today, with the couch and our new bombay coffin as a table. 

 A room devider at the end devidess the whole room into couch corner and dining room/ library.

 Here is the library corner. I don't have the chairs for the dining table yet so it will be better eventually.

 Outside we have a boxed in veranda with heat in the floor. We look right into a small forrest which is really nice. If we'd gotten the first apartment we looked at we would have seen right into the next apartment building instead.

And in the library we also have the movie library. =)


Jacqueline Roy said...

Hi Beate! Your apartment looks amazing. I especially love the veranda and livingroom area. I also love the photos of your trip to Tallin. You know, I never knew people ate bear. I'm sorry if I haven't answered your letter yet. Life has been so hectic with working so much. Still haven't managed to balance everything yet. I hope to write soon, perhaps while I'm at Disney. :) Hugs, Jacqueline

Mirs Life said...

OMG you have done a pretty job! It looks amazing!

Busy little Bee said...

Thank you girls. I am looking forward to your letter Jacqueline, it's been a while and I miss your letters. =) Hugs

Laura said...

It looks nice & cosy. :) I wish you what is most important: to have a wonderful life in there! <3