Sunday, May 1, 2011

One sweet homer!

Got this homer befor Easter. It's made via High_Quality_Crafts group, by Johanna in Finland.

Thank you so much for this beautiful FB. Also big thanks to Nga-Yee for returning my homer.

Signers are:
Misaki (Japan), Kimie (Canada), Joy (Hawaii), Laila (Denmark), Marga (The Netherlands), Miki (Japan), Maki (Japan), Riitta (Finland), Bianca (Germany), Jasmina (Slovenia), Astrid (Norway), Ann-Kristin (Norway) ang N.Y. (The Netherlands).


Johanna said...

Yay!! :) How awesome that you've got it back home dear. :) HUGS! Johanna

Busy little Bee said...

I know, it's so cool to get a homer, espesially one made by you. =)